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    Alright, for those of you who were at the event or who have read alot I need your help, I have a few questions:

    1)Does the Touchpad have any gestures (swipe up, swipe down at the top etc)?

    2)Does HP webOS 3.0 have any gestures?

    3) Is the plan to put webOS 3.x onto phone eventually?

    4) If so, does this mean the gesture area could be on the way out in webOS in phones after the Veer and Pre 3?

    I would think the developers have to know somethign about this, after all, a gesture area affects how you program an app, and I know they are pushing Enyo so does that mean webOS 3.x is the future for phones as well? Please share with me what you know.
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    Hello? Is there anyone left here? Seriously...i'd love some advice because I am sitting on an upgrade right now and I am leaving webOS I think if gestures are gone...that was one of the things which made webOS unique. And I know iOS will have them soon (albiet rather ugly ones).
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    Gestures are not leaving webOS any time soon . They may not be on the tablet but the phones will continue on with gestures. If your just looking for an excuse , you don't need one just go get what ever phone is enticing you lol .

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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Gestures still on phones. In fact they are simulated on the TouchPad... There are forward and back arrows that will be on the bottom of phone apps running on the TouchPad.

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    I am not looking for a reason to leave, I am looking for a reason to stay...

    I appreaciate the responses but my question hasn't been answered: If ENYO/WebOS 3.x doesn't use a gesture area and that is the future of webOS and what all the new apps are programmed in, then why would the phones still have a gesture area since the apps don't use it? Or if they do, it will be kindof useless, right?

    I don't just care about 'back' and 'forward', what about 'swiping up' and 'full swipe across' to change apps? I use those all the time...that's one of the reasons I don't have an iPhone because I am so much faster at multitasking with gestures rather than hitting a home-button.
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    I'd also like to know, but in long term, not right now. Think when the Veer 2 and Pre 4 get released, and all the Enyo apps just use buttons instead of gestures. Why'd they put a gesture area anymore? Plus I suppose legacy apps will also run in an emulator on the phone, thus having arrows for navigation.

    I'd hate if they got rid of gestures completely, it's something that makes webOS unique.
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    I am pretty sure that there will be a hack that brings back a virtual gesture area or two finger gestures might come from hpalm that replace the area.
    Since tablets are used in both directions and screen estate is critical it is understandable that the gesture area is not implemented physically.
    I wonder whether there are some patents that impede their use...

    I agree - The back swipe is something critical that is as essential as an undo function. Latter has not been implemented in webOS yet*, which I think was a big mistake as well...

    *AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $undo$ $should$ $be$ $available$ $in$ $2$.$0$+

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