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    First off, I'm extremely happy with what is coming out. I'm super excited to get the Pre3 and the TouchPad (I wish it was the PalmPad, sounds better). That being said, I am frustrated with delivery, but I also can understand why they are keeping stuff under wraps. They did have a few little lies, or maybe stretched the truth a bit (release's "weeks after", 2.x on legacy) but I can also understand why we're not getting 2.x on the OG's. Not a huge deal.

    To me, all of this sounds like it's all for the 'greater good'. I do hate that saying, but it honestly explains it all. HP and Palm are building an ecosystem for everyone and on the 9th, it started. The people complaining are the people who don't understand or just want everything right now and don't give 2 cents about the future. When all of this comes together, those are the people who are going to look at us and say 'I wish I stayed'.

    As for the complains around the web, I've been reading comments around the net and honestly there has been a ton of support, the most complaining I've seen is here on P|C. I find that ridiculous. The most support should come from us. We've been here, we know the pains and glories.

    It's awesome that the world is finally going to know us, webOS, P|C, and everything about us. May not be today or tomorrow, but it's coming soon. And I know I'm VERY excited about all of this.

    Speaking of which, Palm/HP anyway I could get my hands on a TouchPad+Pre3 for my presentation on March 1st? I'm doing it over the interconnectivity of those devices. It'd be awesome to have props.
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    In coming months , err weeks !

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    The broken promises are really the major reason for all of the angst. I certainly did not expect or want a slab phone. The hardware side of the event was fine with me. I can understand the attendees at the developer event being dissatisfied with merely a 30 min rehash of the Enyo intro. There were some major miscalculations by the organisers.

    BTW. I haven't seen any mention of the deafening silence that met Ruby's announcement of the Veer. A bit awkward, wasn't it?
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    I haven't watched the whole announcement on video, I was live blogging it the whole time. But I bet that was awkward, although it seems like a really awesome phone. It's super snappy. It's definitely an intro phone, at least to me. That's what my girlfriend will be getting once her Pixi contract is up.

    I like the Pre slider, all I wanted was a bigger screen and that's what I got. I didn't want a huge phone like the rest of the slabs. I love my PHY keyboard.
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