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    So at this point most people know what's going on with 2.x on legacy hardware so I won't get into it in depth. Not happenin'.

    I'm no expert. I know nothing of Linux, Java, CSS, etc. but I generally know enough to know who DOES know what's up and I feel like I've seen a lot of posts from knowledgeable people who are baffled by some of the things that have been missing from webOS from the get-go. Namely: API's.

    So, HP|Palm, how about whippin' us up webOS 1.5 real quick? Just some API's and maybe a couple other deets.

    With the microphone API current devices could run the voice recorder apps coming out (Right?)... Neat.

    With the Media Indexer API Dan could release Remix 2 as paid app to the catalog, perhaps with a free badass upgrade to those who downloaded to a 1.x device and go on to purchase a 2.x compatible device (Seriously, please correct me if I'm wrong here).

    What I require out of my idea, is feasibility and potential for quick implementation. I'm unsure as to whether I have either.

    Any input?

    Is there some huge fundamental flaw I'm overlooking? Would HP not have the power to rush the carrier approval of an update with such limited scope to the point where the delay would render it useless?
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    The forums seemed to have cooled down a little from all the craziness so I'm gonna bump this one time...

    Thanks Cantaffordit!
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    Here's the response I wrote in the Music Player (Remix) thread:

    But the short answer is I doubt HP will do this.
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    I'd love to see this, in fact I was thinking the same thing. HP has no reason NOT to give us something.

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