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    People seem to be jumping off ledges about HP failing and how these devices won't win, and how they'll never gain customers, and no one will buy them.

    Chill out. This isn't Palm anymore, where Palm was in the bottom of the 9th and needed a homerun to stay in business. This is now HP, and they've literally just stepped into the batter's box for a long game.

    HP doesn't need to win this summer. HP doesn't need to outsell Apple this year. HP doesn't need to woo iPhone owners to switch this year. Heck, they don't even have to do that well this year. This is the first generation of the new phase of HP mobile, and they simply don't need to win in the first phase. They can win the second phase, or win the third phase. They have the money to be patient and build out an entire portfolio of products for the long term. HP isn't thinking about how to beat Apple in tablet sales this year, they're thinking about how to position themselves to sell a LOT of tablets for YEARS to come.

    Don't see something you like now? This isn't the end-all, be-all of HP's mobile strategy, they're just warming up. They're not going under like Palm was, we've got a lot way to go in this ballgame. How long did it take Android to go from nothing to beastly? 2+ years? 4 or 5 MAJOR OS upgrades?

    HP didn't hit a homerun this week, but they don't need to. Don't see something you like now? Go use whatever phone you like. HP will still be working and will give you an entire portfolio of products to choose from in the near future. They're not going anywhere, they're running a long-term strategy, even if that means they won't be the best out there next week.
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    You had me at the title.
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    HP maybe but I for am not. I am tired of waiting. ...bah but they do have me waiting to see how they'll "make it right"

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    HP maybe but I for am not. I am tired of waiting.
    This is what many people have to say.
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    Here is the bottom line. I spent my money and bought my pre when I bought it. Then I cept pulling and pulling and pulling for palm then HP and i was continually let down. Frankly I don't care if webos is good in the future. I am not in the future. Regardless of the soundness of the business practice of abandoning early adapters, it doesn't help or anyone with a pre 1 who just got the smack in the face that they wont get the 2.0 update or the flash support that we were promised. Frankly, it it was the case that the pre 1 could not handle 2.0 release it and let me make that decision. I have cept on with the pre continually repeating the mantra that "the future will be better". I think I have finally realized that the future may never come and what I have now is what it is. Than is not to say that webos isn't good, but botom line is, no matter how well it does what it does, it lacks the pure functionality of android and (cringe) iOS.
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    Apple doesn't support their legacy devices yet that never stopped them from succeeding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by empathyrus View Post
    Apple doesn't support their legacy devices yet that never stopped them from succeeding.
    But Apple won't consider something released for less than a year "legacy and out of support".
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