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    I don't know what has gone to the brain of HP marketing team and Jon Rubinstein. They had the best chance is the world to be one of the best smartphone OS out there but I would say they ****ing blew it. BIG TIME.

    1) The Pre3 - Why the name and design are in the image of the old Pre?

    I am not sure whether Jon is still living in his dreamland.

    Don't they know the Pre gave bad impression to Palm?

    Don't they know the average user hated the Pre even some carriers refuse to sell Pre Plus.

    Don't mistake me, the webOS really has a great potential if they play them right and at the time most people stayed with webOS because of the software + the royal Palm supporters at the time.

    So many people jumped ship after they own the first Pre and so many Pre has been returned to the carriers due to quality issue.

    Ok thats fine, then they release a better version of the Pre with slightly more juice ie Pre Plus. Regardless, still another Pre. At the time not many people jumped ship to webOS because of Pre Plus. I would say mainly because they has been traumatized by the bad quality of the PRE in general + the lack of exposure on how awesome the webOS is.

    After the Pre Plus the Palm was bought by HP and although it might be not true the average consumers had the impression Pre was the reason why they go out of business.

    Then they announced the Pre 2 and available as unlocked version and only yesterday made available for pre-orders with Verizon. Yet, another Pre.

    After they making all the fuss and hype about Feb 9th the only announcement they made was two similar design of the Pre and one of them was named the ****ing PRE 3. How innovative, creative and thinking beyond is that?

    Look at how the guess reacted when Jon said “ meet the Pre 3” total silence and then later some courtesy claps. Check this I bet everyone was stunned and thinking themselves " not another Pre".

    If they really Thinking Ahead and Beyond as per their slogan, they should have came up with totally a new design and completely DIFFERENT NAME. I don't mind the form factor of the horizontal sliding but for GODSAKE change the freaking design.

    Make a new start in HP. Blow people mind with something refreshing. I bet if the design and the name of PRE3 is totally new and different the reception will be better.

    People are sick with the PRE design and name used over and over again not to mention the bad impression that the Pre left. They need something NEW.

    I bet they thought they could pull off the iPhone factor. Same name but different version. BUT do they notice how many did the first version of iPhone was sold? MillionSS!!

    And do they notice the iPhone 3 and 4 has a freaking DIFFERENT DESIGNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BAD MARKETING and thought process

    2) The TouchPad Design

    Ok I have to admit the TouchPad is something refreshing and i bet that is the only reason the respond and the reception by the guess at the announcement is a bit more promising.

    But where is the gesture area???
    You can ask almost everyone that currently using the webOS even the webOS envy out there what is so unique about webOS. I bet they would say one of the coolest feature of webOS is the GESTURE AREA and they after taking that away from us.

    In fact the gesture area is so cool, PLAYBOOK is almost 100% copy of webOS. Check this out

    It so frustrating especially after I just made these suggestions and just recently submitted them to the HP. Check this out Future webOS suggestions

    The design of TouchPAD is obviously clear with the thought to compete with iPad. Don't they know the iPad 2 is coming probably by the time the TouchPad has been released? Haven't they thought how to compete with the possibility of the new iPad2 if Apple really is their aim? How is that thinking ahead and beyond? Anyone? Can somebody please enlighten me?

    3) The our good CEO, Apotheker claim

    With all the hype and leaks about FEB 9th, HP good CEO kept on making this claim of wanting people to remember and say “HP is cool” and claimed that the new hardware is ready and they won't announce anything if the devices won't be ready to ship within a few months.

    Looks what we get after the 2 years of waiting .... almost nothing will be available until uncertain time during the summer and plus ... the 2 devices have similar old design of the original PRE, how cool is that, NOT COOLLL!!!

    By the time , the Veer, Pre3 and touchpad will be obsolete and everyone else will be enjoying the new iPad2, iPhone 5, Playbook and new Androids with REFRESHING design.

    And all we have at the time the same old PRE design, no 4G touchPad wifi only. NOT COOLLL!!

    4) Developers respond after the announcement

    Go and read this thread, Developers abandoning webOS?

    Most developers are upset with the new announcement, some of them has been developing programs under MOJO framework for 2 years and they actually has the devices to develop the programs for ie the Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2 and Pixi's.

    But after the announcement, they have to adopt the new framework ie Enyo which supposed to be faster and better for webOS environment, but the problem is the new devices will only launched in June and maybe the earliest in Spring.

    Until then developers now have a ZERO user base and they need to forget totally what they have learned about Mojo. Current userbase will NOT get webOS 2.0 and there are NO WebOS2.0 devices out there at the moment aside Pre2 but with no marketing no hype how good will it sell? and plus iPhone 4 just announced by Verizon.

    Pre2 will be a nada, nothing but a developer phone. Besides, there is no mature SDK for 2.0 so they can't write anything but on an ALPHA SDK ie the new Enyo. Definitely a HUGE setback.

    So there are almost ZERO users now of webOS 2.0 and they won't see a user base till Pre3 is launched AFTER the iPhone5 LoL. Who will write apps in Mojo now? with the news that has been released? No one.

    Why would Pre/Pixi users stick around when no more apps are going to written for their phone?

    What will happen is practically the new App Store will be reset to ZERO with the new framework will be put in place and don't know how many developers will still hang around.

    5) The Hype and the hope

    Every user of Pre Minus was hoping for new phone that will blow everyone's mind with all the hype created by HP . Remember the think again response by HP when the Engadget made a leak about HP TouchPad.

    Simply said, HP just don't live up to the expectation that they created themselves and they didn't deliver.

    The only innovation or cool thing about the announcement was the touch-to-share feature and maybe the fact that there is a new TouchPad. Otherwise .. a total let down.

    So, what is left to the future of the webOS and for the current user after the just gone Think small, Think big, Think Ahead and Think Beyond announcement? –- > Think Again??!!

    Hope HP is reading this and THINK AGAIN.
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    Yeah that's what everyone else said so..
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    I strongly disagree with 1, but couldn't agree more with 2.

    Also, what's up with changing the Os' theme? I really don't get it. Like that "great" new email app, why does the second/middle pain look sooo much different from the left/first pane and the rest of the os for the matter? I don't get why they didn't stick with Webos colours, and shapes.


    about developers:

    a while ago, I half jokingly made a thread about a 20 million and 100 million hot apps program (just to see how they'd look). Now while those may have been too extreme (I calcualted that with a profit margin of a 100 dollars on each device, hp would only have to only selll 0.2 million and 1.0 million extra million units to recoup the cost) but a 5 million should at least be announced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeeeee View Post
    Yeah that's what everyone else said so..
    So .. HP need to THINK AGAIN and somehow mend things.

    Release webOS 2.0 or something, create a user base or a reason for developers to continue supporting webOS.

    Make known of another road plan to introduce new refreshed devices. Create another hope which the current users and developers can lived with.

    I dunno, I'm just a consumer, they are the multi-billion company, so go figure HP!
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    No webOS on toasters. Fail!
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    longest OP ever.

    I agree about the Pre name.

    I don't agree about gesture. They are NOT eliminating gestures. Long explanation in another post.
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    I personally like the portrait-slider form-factor. That said, I agree they should have offered another option for those that don't. Also, a clearer picture of their plans (gestures, MOJO phase-out, device availability, partner SW details such as quick office, etc...).

    I think lots of people are frustrated because Feb 9th was supposed to answer questions ... Instead, only more questions added.
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    The Pre name is badly damaged and should have been changed for sure. I don't have a problem with the physical design of the Pre in fact I like the rounded corners. Very comfortable in the pocket vs a square. Easy to get out also. The power/dim button is a huge pain and the keyboard on the 2 is an absolute peice of crap. Hey other than that, I'm good with it.
    Has there been anything said about battery life on 3??? On the touchpad? That will be the make/break for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdm2010 View Post
    The Pre name is badly damaged and should have been changed for sure. I don't have a problem with the physical design of the Pre in fact I like the rounded corners. Very comfortable in the pocket vs a square. Easy to get out also. The power/dim button is a huge pain and the keyboard on the 2 is an absolute peice of crap. Hey other than that, I'm good with it.
    Has there been anything said about battery life on 3??? On the touchpad? That will be the make/break for me.
    You think so too? They really have to drop the PRE name. I really don't understand how the marking people in HP thinks. Maybe they don't know much about the Pre but Palm should be able to provide some form of analysis bout Pre to them.

    I don't mind the form factor, the shape of the Pre3 but it will be great if at least they change the colour and give it a different name.

    What would you say if the colour of PRe3 is totally white and called HP Ultimate or whatever. Won't it make a whole new appeal to lots of people. What u guys think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    longest OP ever.

    I agree about the Pre name.

    I don't agree about gesture. They are NOT eliminating gestures. Long explanation in another post.
    Yeah I know they will replace that with the Back and forth button in TouchPad. So tell me how innovative is that when that is one of the feature the webOS users enjoy the most.

    After the announcement, they are mixture of thing that ****es people off. A combination of factors.

    1)They announce no webOS update
    2)Same old design and named devices
    3)Hype that they did not fulfilled
    4)The cool gesture area which is already cool but removed from touchPAd
    5)The release time of the devices
    6)the difficulty of Developers developing apps
    7)Mixed feeling of the possibility of number of apps reducing give the factor number 6
    8)The feeling of being betrayed/ lost of hope after being promised first hand by the CEO, about the update and the release time.

    And a few more that I might overlook.

    The thing is, I am not complaining. People need to understand that but rather I'm ranting because I want the best for webOS. I've seen a very big potential in it when they first introduce webOS almost 2 years ago. It really blow my mind.

    But lets face it, webOS is almost gone when all the HP bought Palm fiscal took place last and a lot of people was saying the just gone 9th Feb is their last chance to determine will they stay or go.

    I still see potential even after the announcement but they really have to make things right otherwise it is a no go. Only then i will move on to android or iPhone if they still living in their cuckoo land.
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    The Pre 3 was explicitly announced as a business phone and allrounder workhorse. I doubt that it'll be the phone they'll use to go for the media-centric smartphone (i.e. 'big slab') market. This summer is going to be interesting.
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    Great post, You made some interesting points. I agree with you. The pre 3 design is good and defintely a step up from the pre. But that stigma is still there. In fact i wont go near another pre ever again. I was hoping they would release at least a slab form factor to go along with the pre even if details won't be available untill the summer.

    The reset of the app store and developer issues really does put everything into limbo.

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