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    We got blow-by-blow coverage of the announcement, but very little info on the developer portion. For those who were there, what was it like? Was there enthusiasm, anger, confusion, desperation? Did they talk about things that would make all that has happened make sense? Just trying to get a vibe from those who were there. What vibe was HP sending?
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    The talk was very short (like half an hour). They basically show us how simply it is to develop with the Enyo framework, and how modular it is to target different resolutions, blah blah blah. After the short talk, they were demonstrating the TouchPad outside and some demo units of veer to play with.

    When I was standing in line, the person in front of me has a Veer, so I believe HP were passing out the Veer that morning... but nothing for the developer conference at night... ><
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    any more news?

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