As we all know, our beloved Homebrew Guru's have brought a myriad of amazing of patches and hacks that we all use to make our Pre faster, prettier, more user friendly, and just overall better. That being said, I pose the question, who will be the brave, genius Homebrew Guru that will step up once again and bring webOS 2.0 to the original Pre and Pixi masses?
I have no doubt that it can be done. Palm said we couldn't run faster than 600 mhz-WRONG, Palm said we couldn't have animated backgrounds-WRONG, Sprint said Pre users couldn't have mobile hotspot-WRONG, and the examples go on and on. Every time Palm or one of the carriers says no, the awesome Homebrew gurus step up and say YES!
I don't mean to be hating on HP-Palm, as I was truly blown away by the new direction they've taken and by the new devices. But it's simple economics, let's be honest, they don't want 1st gen Pres and Pixis updated because they want you to buy the new devices.
Long story short, they're telling us no.....again. So, it's time for all the Homebrew folks to work their magic yet again and say YES! If not for a better device, then for the mere fact that they say we can't.