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    With the pre 2 about to go on sale for verizon soon who in their right mind would buy or even pre-order the pre2 when another phone similiar to it will be coming in the future? Pre 3..

    and something that could have probably saved Palm/HP....

    the pre 3 should have been the phone that came out in 2009 instead of the pre...
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    A phone that advanced was not even possible when the original Pre came out. The processor alone hasn't even been used in another phone until now.

    The problem is the release. If they released this in a few weeks then it would go over well and I would line up to buy when as would several other people. The vagueness of the release and carriers is the issue.

    So you can be mad or frustrated but don't sit there and say that this phone should have come out in 2009!
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    i dont have anything against the pre3.. i wasnt mad wit the pre when it came out cuz like thousands i got it the first day. (still have that same one by the way.) but jus think about all the things the launch day pre was missing..) too much to get into..
    yea maybe the pre3 will be advanced and be a nice phone, but wat about the pre2.?. its not even out yet and already its gonna have somethin to replace it..

    basically my question is why would they announce yet another pre model when the 3rd one isnt even out yet?

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