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    ... I believe the problem is simply, most WebOS users see what HP is doing as poor a BUSINESS strategy, and they'd just appreciate the ability to support the OS and see it succeed....
    I believe that HP's business strategy makes sense.

    It was a mistake to promise 2.0 for the prior models. But it's done, and it won't be a big problem for HP. The current user base of webOS devices is tiny, and those who are pi55ed off because they aren't getting 2.x will have virtually no impact.

    If it makes sense for HP, they might do something for the people with old devices. But only if it is a win for HP as well as the customer. Remember, Apple's credit program for the initial iPhone purchasers was structured so that Apple still made a substantial profit off those purchasers. If you think HP is going to just give away a bunch of free phones, I have a bridge to sell you. Much more likely would be a coupon for reasonable discounts on the Pre2, Pre3 and TouchPad. Something like $100 or 10% on the Pre3/TouchPad, maybe less on the Pre2.

    Palm was never going to succeed with webOS. HP will turn it into a top 3 phone OS, because HP knows what they are doing.
    - Bubba
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    I agree, but if they want to be cool......they will hook my *** up...and move their damn call centers out of India, or at least employee Indians that are good at their job. (had to call HP support about my wifes lap top and it was easily the worst experience ever.)
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