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    Hey guys, got a decision I'm going back and forth on here, wanted to get your input.

    So I'm a Sprint customer, got the original Pre first day of sale. Have been very happy with webOS in general, but as my job provides me with an additional cell phone I have had an iPhone 3GS, the Palm Pre Plus and am currently on a Droid Incredible. Throughout, my Pre has been solid but in comparison just seems to have less and less it can do in comparison. Even so, I have waited up until the HP announcement this week in hope of a new phone in the near future. As we all know, the announcement was less than thrilling. New hardware looks nice, but the more powerful stuff isn't launching until "summer", which could be as late as August. That's the first part of the dilemma.

    Second part is, as Sprint customers recently found pout, that the Premier membership levels are changing. To be a Gold member, which entails yearly upgrades for phones, you will need to spend $89/month or be a customer for 10 years. I currently spend $69/month and won't hit 10 years until the end of December of this year.

    So. My upgrade for the yearly Premier level that's still in effect was last June. The upgrade tiers are changing April 1, which will push me back to the end of December for any upgrade since that's when I'll hit 10 years and get Gold status again. If I upgrade now, I'll then be able to upgrade in February after I hit Gold status again. In effect, I'd have to wait 2 months more.

    Having used the 3 major OS flavors out there, I've found I like Android almost as much as webOS. So the question is do I wait the 9 months out and hope HP delivers a good phone and makes a substantial outreach to original Pre owners like myself? Or is it smarter to just bag an Evo for now, see what happens and upgrade in Feb of next year? Honestly, I see reasons on both sides but I wanted to see what some objective minds thought.

    Appreciate your input.
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    If you still have a launch day Pre you should be able to update to the Pre 3 when & if it launches on Sprint. Even without Premier status, standard upgrades are at 22 months, so you should be able to upgrade to it.

    The only thing you should evaluate is how much do you need/want a new phone. If you absolutely need/want a phone now, get an Evo. If not, wait till summer.

    I'm in a similar situation. I bought my Pre in Oct 09, I can upgrade now to an Evo. I love the Evo, and want one. But I don't need it. My homebrewed & overclocked Pre does what I need it too. Sure I'd like a sexier phone right now, & one that I didn't have to overclock, but whatever. My Pre does what I need it to do, so I'll wait.

    As for you:
    -If you need a new phone because your Pre doesn't meet your practical needs, then upgrade!
    -If your desire for a new phone is so strong, that it's eating you up every time you walk past a Sprint store, or see someone with an Evo, get one!
    -If you answered no to any of the above, then wait!

    That's my advice, hope it helped.
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    Actually, it did! I forgot about the 22 months option. That makes the wait a lot more reasonable. Thanks!
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    Well hopefully the Pre 3 will be coming to Sprint in the summer. I would be surprised if it didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid29 View Post
    Actually, it did! I forgot about the 22 months option. That makes the wait a lot more reasonable. Thanks!
    No Problem
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    It is rumored that the Pre3 is only coming to AT&T and Verizon.

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