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    Does anyone else think that WebOS for PC's will be an application layer akin to adobe AIR? I think having the ability to run your apps on any device (from a phone to a PC) is what HP wants, but having anything less than windows would be suicide. In fact, if they really wanted to go this route, they should make enyo apps work on Android and iOS as well (adobe AIR works on all of those).
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    Wow... interesting. That didn't occur to me. I thought of the idea of WebOS 'on top' of Windows and I cringed, imagining virtualisation or a virtual desktop etc.

    But this idea... hmm. I'm gonna watch the developments keenly with this in mind!
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    Yeah, the downside is that, (if they do basically make is so that WebOS apps can be run as browser-less mini-apps), it will only work with Enyo. There will likely be no legacy support on the desktop version and custom apps that don't use the Enyo framework probably won't work. However, from what I've seen Enyo is very powerful and should be able to do most apps (though games will likely be an issue).
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    I don't think they intend to take on Adobe, I think the Intent is to take on Microsoft and Apple. An application layer is a good start, but I think the real target is a full-blown "third player"
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    The beauty of Enyo apps is they can already be run on any platform without any plugin Adobe AIR stuff. You can just open up the browser and use it! This is a good idea. I don't know if they will be putting WebOS on desktops or bringing WebOS to windows (not a skin layer though). They might be marrying the 2 and making the apps run smoothly as regular app do on them. In engadget's interview they had no problem saying that it is very possible to add a mouse input to WebOS...
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    I imagine the best thing to do would be for hp to replace their quickstart that they have on all their laptops with webos. makes much more sense.

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