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    I remember Sega discontinuing the Dreamcast, a wonderful machine that came ahead of its time. Sega pulled the plug and less than a week after, almost all the developers stopped their projects.

    I remember Shenmue 2 US edition, Castlevania and others.

    This is what will happen to webOS. HP is killing it no matter what they say, by cutting the support for old devices and not having a firm release date for the new ones, most of the users will flock to other platforms.

    By the time HP will have the new devices ready no developer will jump in because the app catalog will begin again with very few apps.
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    The apps won't go away. So when this shin dig does actually get going, there will be plenty of apps to start. I definitely didn't come away from the announcement yesterday, worried about HP's strategy.

    Release dates would have been nice, but being ready is better. If we are still waiting come August, then worry.
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    I agree with pogeypre. Once this gets going, it will be big. I think they will attract a lot of people that dont know webOS (which out weigh the people who DO know webOS). This will bring new people into the mix. Yes they screwed existing users over. But if you look at it from an outside point of view, their new products and webOS communicating with one and other and HOPEFULLY better marketing should attract new people.

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