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    Yeah, admist all of this wonderful rage and announcements of new, powerful, and nifty looking hardware, I'm crazy enough to foray into WebOS at this random place in time and see what it has to offer. I ordered a Pixi Plus off one of the deal sites (1saleaday, took them forever to process the order) and it's apparently at my doorstep waiting for me when I get home from classes If it's apparently such a waste of time to use WebOS like everyone seems to be spouting now, well, oh well there goes 55 bucks. I'm hoping otherwise that I will enjoy the experience and can look forward to the new devices HP plans to release, especially the TouchPad (or even the Veer/Pre3 despite me being totally avoidant of contract phones)... I like what I see so far.

    This is theoretically my first "smartphone", albeit I'm just going to use it as a WiFi device for now - mild web surfing, multimedia, etc. since I have a paygo LG Lotus on another great provider that suits me fine for everything else. If I like this, I might think about using it on Page Plus. I'm particularly excited to tinker around with the Pixi Plus with overclocking and such also; I've worked a lot with computers/technology, so I'm pretty confident with pushing the phone to its limits

    Anyways, I want to know what things I should try, what I should know/learn, and what I should do with my phone when I start using it to begin with the best experience; you know, since I'm crazy to bother trying it seems ;D

    (and I typo'd the thread title, I'm super smart)
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    Pen. Do not install this on your device!!! Check the How to Install Homebrew Apps link under Apps.

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