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  1. migs's Avatar
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    Is it even worth investing in webos buy purchasing new apps? No new apis means to me the same old boring web based apps....
  2. Fguills75's Avatar
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    For what? checking Sprint phones as I write this! I love WeBOS but hate the BS!
  3. migs's Avatar
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    Just curious if developers will even care to innovate for 1.45 phones
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    what developers will continue to develop? There are about 72 non developer Pre2 users. That's my rough estimate. I could be off by 10. No new users until mid summer, unless you happen to think that someone will buy the Pre2 on verizon.
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    No, and no.

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    if our 1.4.5 phones cant' run the new apps why would I buy new ones.
    I'm lost on this just like you. What to do. My pre- works just fine but it is getting old. My contract ended in 2009 but if I get a new phone now I will pay 10 bucks more for a smart phone.

    now the ? Is, will Dev's update apps for our 1.4.5 OS. In the app catalog will it state for 2.x only. And if it don't state that it is only for 2.x and you buy that app, will you get your $ back?
    and will we still have an app catalog for 1.4.5?
    If they can't fix it now to work with 1.4.5 to 2.1.0 will the appcat still work for us.

    I just don't see Dev's making an app for 1..4.5, 2.1.0....

    what we have in the app catalog now is what you get.
    we will see a few pop up in the app cat form time to time but that will all end soon for 1.4.5.

    but this looks to be only if you have a pre- , + Pixi- , +.

    I will not buy any more app for 1.4.5.

    soon, it will be that you can only buy apps for 3.xx. Buy new phone and the game starts again......... IMO
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    why would anyone care still about webos.
    webos 2 has no userbase
    webos 145 is old and in a few months also without users
  8. ght
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    <<quoted language deleted>>

    I thought there was an issue with Palm Profiles when doing this...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHT View Post
    I thought there was an issue with Palm Profiles when doing this...
    There is.

    Swyped from my HTC HD2 (CM7)
    Want to keep up with my exciting new projects? You know where to find me.
  10. LNWJ's Avatar
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    I am grateful to the wonderful developers for webOS. But as a consumer, why invest in apps for my dead-end device? I'm not even sure I'm sticking with webOS anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    There is.

    Swyped from my HTC HD2 (CM7)
    For those that are considering, can you elaborate on what those issues are?
  12. migs's Avatar
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    so basicaly 1.45 will end up with only about 6000 apps anyway
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    Why would you buy new apps when they are not guaranteed to be upgraded to 2.0 version and may not even work with 3.0? No guarantees that apps you bought now would work with the touchpad or other phones.

    No matter what we may think about Apple their app system allows you to buy an app once and use on ALL of your devices same with my PSP/PS3 from Sony.
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    I'll buy apps for 1.4.5 because that's what I have. I'm under contract to at least October as I bought a Pre + when they came out on Verizon. I am disappointed by most aspects of yesterday's announcements, most importantly that old devices won't get 2.1. But I'm still under contract with my phone and I'm happy with it. Why would I not continue to purchase useful apps and games while I'm using my phone? I realize that there will be less new apps to choose from in the coming months, but I intend to purchase what I'd like to have - why not? It's only a few dollars here and there, not like we're investing $50 in each title.

    Being under contract until October seems like a good thing to me at this time. By then, I'll know whether or not this platform has been abandoned by its user base before I commit to a new 2 year contract with it.
  15. StevenX's Avatar
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    My contract doesn't expire until October, so if there are any apps that I need/want before then, then yes.

    However, my enthusiasm for webOS has plummeted. I now plan to leave the platform as soon as my contract does expire so I won't be spending as liberally as I would previously have done, as I'll have to buy similar apps again on another platform eventually.

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