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    So, I didn't hear much about the cloud in the presentations. I expected to see more about their cloud ecosystem like music, online storage, video, persistent states on multiple devices, and the like. When will we hear about all of that?
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    "in coming months" - that's not snark, that's what 'think beyond' was.
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    Yea, they were just showing off the devices. I think that cloud system would be shown off when we get closer to being able to actually use it. You know, late spring, early summer, next year, whenever they get ready to actually release something.
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    You will know it by summer. Over all it was such a poor presentation. No app demostration, no big name apps. Very very poor, and NO CLOUD STORAGE.
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    Here's what I don't get, the people who say the 8/16 GB options are enough because of the "cloud storage" that will be available forget the key piece of the problem with that solution: carrier's capping network usage or throttling users who use too much bandwidth.

    So let's say I get my 16GB option, yet I want to keep 8 GB in the cloud. If I stream that music, books, etc to my device I will be using a HUGE chunk of bandwidth and will get caught with my pants down on usage. Come on, cloud may be great but with carriers increasingly charging more for usage, etc. this is going to be a problem.

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