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    close this forum to show hp:
    your community is gone (alt least for some days or so).
    i'm a palm user since 1997, always bought the newest pdas and phones, made marketing for palm at my friends ... and now this: no ota update for my pre, though they (hp/palm) told us since november, all existing pres would get this update.
    i'm so disappointed, and after reading this (and other forums) for hours and found so much disappointment, anger and frustration, i think it's kind of defraud by hp.
    let's show this to them. open letters are written, emails and chats taken place, but no responds.
    let's close this side for some days as a sign of protest of a mighty (former) community.
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    I would be shocked to see this forum close after all the AMC Gremlin, Ford Pinto, and Chevrolet Chevette still has fan bases :P
    When you tell someone something, it depends on what part of the World you're standing in . . . as to just how silly you sound.
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    I cant agree... not everybody is upset!
    everytime there will be somebody angry.. if it would have the iphone form factor there would be a lot of others who would like to have a slider. and soooo on
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    I don't see why any so called "spurned fan" would desire to punish the remaining, and possible new, following. Lot's of us still realize that webOS is the best Smartphone OS, and with or without the specific hardware or software we desired is available right now.

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