Friend: Hey what's with this new phone I heard about that is with that company you've been with the past couple of years that I don't know anyone else is using?

Me: It's a pretty unique phone that offers advanced multitasking and a way to have all of your personal data stored in a cloud so it can be accessed by many different kinds of applications and websites such as Facebook and Picassa.

Friend: It sounds pretty cool. I'm about due for a new phone. What do you think?

Me: It depends on what you want to use it for.

Friend: I'd like one where there's good support and cool apps and one that won't feel obsolete after a few months to a year.

Me: Forget it, HP screws over its customers providing zero support or upgrades. Development has stopped in new applications since no one has been using the latest operating system and the current app store is minuscule compared to Android and Apple and is even behind Windows (which came out over a year after the original Palm Pre minus.

Friend: Won't I be able to upgrade.

Me: Depends...

Friend: On what?

Me: Whether the phone will sell well and HP decides to pull the plug entirely. Then again, legacy users never got an upgrade either even the platform survived.