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    So your event has now come and gone and letís just say - itís a good thing Laptop Magís OS bowl ended the day before the event and not the day after. Not because it gave you the opportunity to brag about it, rather because you would have lost shamefully.

    You did a lot of things wrong yesterday, HP. Weíll list them in no particular order.

    1. The death of Palm - Not even a single logo anywhere in the venue. Look, Palm no longer exists as a separate company - we get that, but you have virtually eliminated any brand recognition you might have had. While Palm had a reputation of being late for the party, HP hasnít even been to the party. Maybe itíll work out for you maybe it wonít, but I can tell you I donít feel nearly as warm and fuzzy when I think about HP as when I think about Palm - may it rest in peace.
    2. The ridiculous lack of details. You managed to do the one thing no one thought possible - you managed to out-vague Palm. Thatís no small feat. Not only did you not say when devices would be released, you didnít even suggest there might be a carrier involved. You left literally everyone hanging. We have no idea when we can expect these devices let alone if weíll actually be able to use them.
    3. Lack of numbers. Letís face it boys, weíre living in an Android world. Apple can get away with one phone because they sell a bajillion of them - every year - whether they work with both hands or not. News flash - you donít have that luxury. Three devices does not an ecosystem make. Three devices doesnít even total what I carry in my backpack. Maybe the devices are great - arguably the Pre 3 is the prince among them, but by the time they are released theyíll be average at best. Which leads me to...
    4. Timing. Your promise to release these devices in the ďSummerĒ is just wrong. You skipped CES because you didnít want to be lost in the crowd. What do you suspect will happen when you release your tablet and super-phone at the same time Apple releases their new tablet and phone? Letís not kid ourselves, Apple is not going to suddenly revamp their phone and give it a 1.4 GHz processor just because yours has one. More than likely the specs have already been approved. But, what it does do is let the fervor die down as legions of phones and tablets get released between now and then. By the time you get around to launching your tablet and phone, itíll be just another in a long line. Lost in the crowd. Strike while the iron is hot. Otherwise people who want a tablet NOW will get Appleís, not yours later.
    5. The final insult. And THIS is the one that stinks the worst. Your utter dismissal of your loyal fanbase - the very same fanbase you celebrate time after time. You have been promising WebOS 2.0 and Flash support since the Pre Plusís debut over a year ago. At the time, you promised the Palm Pre Plus would be the only smartphone to offer full flash support. Flash forward one year - Android has it and webOS never will - for some devices.
    Not offering webOS 2.0 OTA takes away one key advantage that Palm has over other devices. Suddenly you DO have to plug your phone in to update it. Well, we were always under the impression we wouldnít have to do that. Plus, while details remain sketchy, it seems doctoring the OS may be involved. What about data on the device? Are we going to have to start over? Which leads me to...
    Exactly how hard is this going to be? A lot of webOS users are techy kind of folk, but not all of us. Not by a LONG shot. Heck, Iíve only recently introduced two Pre minus users to Preware. Can they be expected to be able to doctor their phones to 2.0? This leads to an even smaller percentage of people being upgraded.
    6. Software. Kindle. Thatís it. We asked for apps and you brought us Kindle. Rather a no-brainer since Jon Rubenstein is on the freakiní board of Amazon. No Netflix, No Hulu, No Nook, nary a cloud-based service that you seem to love so much. So what gives? Is this to be a future announcement? Frankly, you failed to bring one provider to the table, and thatís just sad. With your global reach and dominance, youíd think you could talk Netflix or Blockbuster into writing an app. Hell, there are Homebrew devs that would do it for a bag of Cheetos.

    Bottom line, HP, yesterday did not go well and you managed to **** off a good portion of your loyal fan base. Not a good business strategy. For what itís worth, here are a few idea that might help salvage your fanbase.

    1. Rapidly accelerate one time table. PalmPad, Veer, Pre 3, any of the above. Get it out there. Get it out there soon. Turn ďsummerĒ into ďspringĒ. you only need to get one out there to make people talk. Go. Now. Donít think, go.
    2. Donít limit yourselves to one carrier with exclusivity. Even Apple has two carriers now. Sell your phone through anyone who will have it, and be thankful that theyíll still have you.
    3. This oneís kinda out there - Create a trade in program for your older devices. If the phones arenít meant to have 2.0, donít force it. Homebrew has developed Kernels that can overclock the Bejesus outta them, but if the shoe doesnít fit, it doesnít fit. So hereís my crazy idea - two for one. Trade in your 1.x phone for what amounts to a 2 for 1 deal. This accomplishes two things -

    A. Pacifies your fan base. Who wouldnít want a 2-fer? Especially if itís a Pre 3 and a PalmPad since they work so well together.
    B. Gets more devices out there. More brand recognition, more app sales. More devs getting on board the money train.

    So there are my suggestions. Some of them may suck or be stupid, but arguably no more sucky or stupid than you were yesterday. We really REALLY want to still love you, HP. Donít blow it. And donít blow us off because as passionate as we can be in our devotion, we can be just as mean when weíre ****ed off.

    Ballís in your court HP. Slam dunk it.


    Hereís hoping that name does not become prophetic. - All things geeky (mostly Palm) - All things Cubs
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    There was a Palm logo on the Touchstone used to charge the Pre3. Just saying.
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    I'm feeling precisely the same way. The announcement was good, but lacking in many ways. But I feel like I got kicked in the balls about not getting 2.x on my Pre in any way whatsoever. I have told numerous people that it would come based on Palm's promise. There are already apps coming out that are 2.x only. If there is a coming tide of new apps based on having 100 million PCs with webOS, I'm guessing those apps will be 2.x only too. I've just been aged out of my device, and it's not even 2 years old yet.
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    I sent this message "to the ceo":

    The loyal fan base is NOT pleased with what was said yesterday at the 2/9 announcement. My biggest concerns are:

    1) No 2.x update for webOS 1.x users despite numerous public promies to do so. Flash support which was promised long before 2.x is one of the reasons for this ire. Essentially I'm not seeing anything from HP that says I should trust ANYTHING you say about the future. Promises are just words as far as I can tell.

    2) No phones shipping "in weeks" rather than "in months" - unlike what was said by your CEO. No carrier announcements - no pricing - no clear picture of availability timelines. By the time your devices ship your will have lost any momentum you might have built up.

    3) I saw nothing that addressed your gaps in current applications. It wasn't really interesting to me to see the touchpad showing off magazine apps - What about Netflix, Hulu, Shazzam, etc.

    4) Touchpad's lack of a gesture area. The total lack of this unique feature seems crazy to those of us out here in the wild. If perhaps this is to allow webOS to work on PC's with mice then maybe I can understand this.

    5) Touchpad name... touchpad is a generic word that is used to describe the place on a laptop that allows mouse-like movement by dragging your finger across a capacitive pad.

    Feel free to contact me for an honest discussion from a customer perspective - but hurry, or it's possible you may not catch me before I become an ex-customer.
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    Another open letter to HP.

    Mr. Apotheker,

    For fans of WebOS, Feb 9 was a sad day.

    First, you lied to us. Harsh words but true. You promised product would be ready within weeks of an announcement, not months. The rap against you is that you don’t care about the consumer business. Well, that was demonstrated Feb 9.

    Like many loyal WebOS users, I was ready to purchase a pad on Feb 9. Once again the HPalm legacy of being more talk than walk was proven.

    The Touchpad is ready this summer?! That’s 6 months away. These devices have a lifecycle of 1 year, so 6 months is an eternity. No doubt that by summer the iPad2 and other pads will have leapfrogged HP making the Touchpad irrelevant.

    Where’s the vaunted HP engineering? You bought Palm summer of 2010. I can’t believe that it will take them a full year to launch a product that was already under development.

    What about Sprint? The failure of the original Pre was not solely Sprint’s fault. a) There was too long of a wait between the announcement and product delivery. [See any patterns here?] b) A cash strapped Palm lacked the marketing clout to make the product viable in the public’s eye. c) The original build quality was suspect. Most Pre users I know went through several phone before getting one that worked properly.

    What about Sprint, part II? A phone or pad is part of a system. It is part device and part network. We have contracts that limit change. Many of us are happy with Sprint and are not going to change carriers every time HPalm introduces a product. There needs to be recognition of Sprint and their customers loyalty.

    Hey thanks for the WebOS 2 update for older devices [not]. What kind of message is that to all of us early adopter and boosters of WebOS?

    My 2 year commitment to the Pre ends this June. You'd better dazzle me quick, or I'm off to Android land.
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    I have some thoughts I would like to share with you.

    OTA webOS 2.1 update: The bridge solution
    I felt that the carriers are not allowing webOS updates for before webOS devices Pres and Pixis at this time anymore, at least most of them, then I thought if HP have a lot of cloud storage hardware.

    Why then HP give the support to actual webOS customers OTA using their cloud platform? And that is it.

    (If the new devices of Feb 9 were running webos 3.0 then I thought they are making all this up to say after oK OK you will have the webos 2.1 update but not new updates in the future, just upgrade your device , buy a new one )

    Why Spring and Summer new devices launches? Here the possibilities:
    1.-They really donīt have enough stock now.
    2.-They have the stock but are just starting to market the devices wideworld.
    3.-Carriers donīt want to buy webOS devices.
    4.-They will make a new announcement in between now and summer: the 7 inches touchpad with various options , the 9 inches TouchPad 3G and 4G LTE available. (these last were mentioned on the Feb 9 event)
    5.-A new 4G LTE Pre3 phone or just keeping the Pre 3 HSPA+ ?
    6.- They think most people will end their contracts for summer and will buy but then the webOS new devices. (naivety?)
    7.- HP is so sure of their scale in 174 countries and 80.000 retail stores .?
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    Let's not forget they also promised a full editable office suite
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    Feb 9th brought lot of disappointments result of which caused ball trauma.
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    HP's webOS 2.0 site still promises an update in 'the coming months' as well as a picture of Exhibition running on aPre Plus.
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    For the record, a link to this post was also sent by me to the CEO email form on HP's website.

    --MGb - All things geeky (mostly Palm) - All things Cubs
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    Well Leo, you told these Indian HP tech guys to dump their Apple stuff........ In exchange you did not delivery ONE (1) readily available device. Make sure you can exercise your stock options though, after all isn' that what makes a CEO tick?... the customer? just an AFTERTHOUGHT.......
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    I just received an email from HP in response to my email to the CEO:

    Quote Originally Posted by CEO Customer Relations
    Thank you for taking the time to email HP. HP regrets the inconvenience and disappointment; we are working to get answers out to the WebOS community. HP appreciates your patience.

    CEO Customer Relations
    Considering I dropped my thoughts on them earlier today a response back the same day on a day they are likely flooded with emails isn't all that bad. I am interested to see what follows...

    I do note that they didn't capitalize webOS the way most have from the Palm days.
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    OK, here's my delimna, and I really need advice. Have a blackberry, and will be "de-slaved" from the enterprise server soon. Playbook looks cool, but I've found nothing about office software. iPad2 is right around the corner, and rumors of iPad3. iPhone4 at Verizon, iPhone5 rumored. iPad's apps have everything I need, and it works.
    Wintel, after years of leading the pack, got fat and satisfied. Linux was beyond my capabilities, and the Android devices I've tried were returned because they are so buggy.
    Will it be worth the wait to continue with my current systems, Fujitsu Stylistic and Blackberry phone? If I got the Pre2, I'd have the option to buy it outright rather than stuck in another flippin' two year contract with no option to upgrade. But would it be worth the wait for a Pre3? TouchPad seems the best tablet, but in five or six months, will that be true? No price, will it be in the XOOM range, which is ridiculous?
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