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    Quote Originally Posted by Walhalla2k View Post
    All you angry out there - what would make you happy?
    At this point, nothing short of a "reach around" by the entire senior executive staff.

    I think most people here have a right to be annoyed. There are a multitude of reasons why which have been listed numerous times here, but I will add two more that I havnt seen yet.

    1. The hardware for the Pre minus I have is crap. Im not talking about the specs (proc speed, memory, etc) I can deal with those. But I baby my phone, and Ive still gone through five of them.

    That's 5 phones in 19 months! Sure the first one lasted about a year, and number four lasted two days, but on average I have to resetup my phone every 3.8 months.

    That's a pain in the *** I dont want to deal with again...which according to HP's vague time table I will have at least one more.

    2. Ive been eligible for an upgrade since June, and apparently Ive been waiting since then for nothing. Now I have the option for a free Evo Shift (my employer is offering to pickup the $150 tab, since im on call and my phone dies randomly).

    I've managed to delay that offer for a few weeks to see the 2/9 announcement, expecting to have to just wait a "few weeks more" to get a new Palm on Sprint.

    Guess I was wrong, and even if I had a firm release date from HP, how can I trust it at this point. I've had false promises stretching back to WiFi capabilities on my Treo600
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    I think the easiest fix for this mismanaged situation is to offer the Pre 2 for 0-$25 for existing Pre owners. (without contract extensions)

    This gives existing owners something new to play with until the Pre 3 comes out - might as well use this hardware for this purpose because the prices are going to plummet fast anyhow - who knows if they'll sell any at all. It seems like this is more realistic as a business decision... there will probably be an Android phone that catches my eye before the summer otherwise.

    My fear with something like the front facing camera on the Pre3 is that it will not get utilized for the product cycle -- just like the lack of Flash. It will be a highly touted feature, that may never have any great use in the end. Android phones (and iPhones) on the other hand, are maturing with this feature soon and more people will be able to take advantage of the ff cameras.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppeye View Post
    1. They commit to doing what they say, my trust in the company is broken

    2. They commit to their original goal of creating a solid hardware/software universe for the users. (meaning they don't dump on their past customers by creating updates that lock them out of all new development even before their contracts are up).

    3. They stop using 'string em along' as a customer relations model

    4. They realize no one wants to pay giant smart phone data plan prices for piddly little smart phones.
    1-3 for me.

    I'm a Pre- (Sprint) to Pre+ (Verizon) customer.

    If the Pre3 were out sooner, I'd feel a lot better about it too. My current contract doesn't allow me to upgrade till Summer anyways, so it doesn't really effect me yet but the big thing is they're not standing by their word... again. It just feels like they keep stringing us along and fail to produce on their promises and I'm just getting sick of it.

    After having them promote the update for months and teasing Flash since 2009, the only real possibility I can see of me purchasing a Pre3 down the line is if they offer a Pre2 for $50 or less and without requiring me to extend my contract with my carrier. To me that would really show that they do care about the customer base and want to change.

    While I personally have no issue with the Pre's slider design, I do think it was short sighted of them not to at least market a phone that doesn't have a keyboard. It's one thing to thing to prefer a design, but when your competitors are selling ones without keyboards like hotcakes, it's just stupid not to at least give the public the option.
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