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    So are we to believe that the whole "we're not announcing products until they're ready" spiel was alluding to the Verizon Pre2 and the Veer(possibly...if early Spring = early March)?
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    I think everyone has theories and opinions, but all is pure conjecture, at this point.

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    I guess so. He didn't flat out lie, since the Pre 2 & Veer will be released soon, but that is obviously not what we were expecting. But then again, he told all those employees to get ready to ditch their iPhones & iPads, & that the hardware was ready. So I don't know what this guy was talking about.

    I hope he clears this stuff up at the March event.
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    I guess I'm just astounded that the [relatively] new CEO of the largest tech company in the world would state what he stated and not realize that, when the truth came out (VZ Pre2 and Veer), that there would be backlash. If he didn't realize that and also knew that those 2 were the only ones going to be released, then one might wonder why he is CEO....
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    It's really weird.. This whole old devices not getting 2.0/1 is also really weird. So is the fact that they ditched the webos design scheme one the tablet. The buttons, bars look nothing like webos. (talking about browser, and email app. The first pane does, the second one is just weird.)
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    What bothers me is that it seems HP just wants to start from scratch, including some visual aspects of webOS. The gesture area and the top notifications bar are two examples which I really dislike. I also really hate the draggable stuff that seems to be implemented in Enyo.
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    Only thing I can think of is that the original Pre/Pixi wouldn't be able to effectively run the WebOS without constant TMC errors...or maybe there is just a master plan that they are keeping on Double Secret Probation and not letting anyone know about it.
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    that guy came from SAP, a company well-known to release vaporwares.
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    He seemed confident, and appears to want to help them release products ASAP.

    I don't think summer is that far away. Most of us are impatient, I know I thought they'd be doomed if they didn't have amazing hardware by the end of 2010.
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