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    Quote Originally Posted by emilio355 View Post
    You Know What I Think About All This Is That HP Should Of Never Bought WebOS They Just Screwed Up And Messed Up Palm's Image Palm Worked There ***** Off Since 2009 On WebOS So Some Ignorent Company Comes And Buys It Nd Just Screwes It Up Nd In My Opinion Is That All Of You Guys Going With HP Are Just Kissing HP A*S
    yEaH, pErHaPs pAlM sHoUlD hAvE bEeN lEfT tO gO bAnKrUpT.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    yEaH, pErHaPs pAlM sHoUlD hAvE bEeN lEfT tO gO bAnKrUpT.

    -- Rod

    He also used of instead of have!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    yEaH, pErHaPs pAlM sHoUlD hAvE bEeN lEfT tO gO bAnKrUpT.

    -- Rod
    Seeing The Man do this made me giggle.

    Edit: oops, didn't like that 'TM' code.
    My frustration w/HP best characterized by Col George Taylor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    yEaH, pErHaPs pAlM sHoUlD hAvE bEeN lEfT tO gO bAnKrUpT.

    -- Rod
    I Think Palm Had Enough Funds To Keep Going It Was Probably That HP Offered More Than What Palm Was Worth Palm Was Worth I Believe 500 Mill Nd HP Ofered 1.2 Bill So Obviesly They Accepted But My Point Is That HP So Screwed Up Palm's Image Nd WebOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Planesdragon View Post

    If you mean the profile data, palm wrote the darn interface and can do an import handidly. A one-way import, that is. And they're going to have to translate it ANYWAY, since a big share of their market will be moving from a 1.x profile to a 2.x profile.

    If you mean application data... SQLite, as far as I've heard, is still THE on-device Real Relational Database. db8 does a bunch of similar things... but if you're doing more than CRUD, you still need SQLite.
    It isn't the Profile data that they're speaking of. It is the webOS system data. There is a LOT of data stored on the system NOT stored in the cloud.

    Locally-stored emails (if there are any??)
    Account passwords
    Media indexer data
    All device settings (some stored in cloud, some not)

    To convert all of this, without issue, can be tough. Media indexer data can be forgotten and redone, since it only uses up-to-date info from what's on the device anyway. Texts, however, may have data in them that they don't expect that can kill the OTA and require a doctor. There could be something off with the device settings that requires more precautions for converting from SQLite to db8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noseph View Post
    I do not believe it has any thing to do with horse power on the "Legacy" Pre's, as show by the several individuals running 2.0 on Pre-'s. I suspect that it is all to do with our Palm Profile not being able to be updated on the same device when running 2.0. I have no technical proof that this is what the problem is, just that everyone that I have read about that has put 2.0 on their Legacy Pre has had to create a new Palm Profile. I am guessing that HP does not want to deal with this.
    I have different experience with 2.0.1 on legacy German O2 Pre. In short, 2.0 made my Pre lagacy instead legacy device. It's running much slower than 1.4.5. Scrolling contacts is painful experience (contact pictures was sometimes shown, and sometimes not), adding favorite contacts to fav list is drag also. There are some bugs, like adding bookmarks to web browser not working, etc. Flash is there, but playback speed is to slow. Picture gallery is slow on indexing. I've created new profile so I do not know how it sync with old profile. I knew there is a possibility that USB partition could be reformatted so backed up my stuff, and yes, it was erased. Doctoring process was much slower than it was with 1.4.5
    Interesting though, among installed apps is Preware.
    I'm guessing that 2.0 needed lot of work to be acceptable on old devices so HP ditched it in favor of new devices.

    --- just to add, exibiton mode is working OK in 2.0.1 for legacy
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