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    I would like to see HP work with Samsung, HTC or Motorola for some phones. these 2 phones are all they could come up with in over 10 months. this is where I was disappointed.. even though I am leaning towards that new little dude.
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    Don't dispare until you've been con tacts - SLED Account.
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    I'm not ok with Samsung, and let me tell you why.
    First, i own a lot of samsung TV's and they're awesome. My understanding is the home appliances they make are also awesome. I've played with the galaxy tab, and phone series, and they're also awesome.

    But there's some serious speculation right now about Samsung intentionally holding off on updating their current Android phones, even though the update was ready to be pushed, to help increase sales for new products.

    I just don't think thats ok, and its made me seriously think twice about recommending a samsung phone to someone. These weren't 2+ year old phones either.

    Just wanted to add my .02.
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    well, allowing HTC or Motorola have a crack at WebOS on some hardware would not hurt the adoption of WebOS in the consumer world. Allowing an HTC device to touch and share with the touchpad would be a good thing.

    showing off the pre3 as the new money phone here is just bad - IMHO. The initial Pre launch and the following clusters by Palm are what put them in the position to be sold. Amazed the Pre name and form factor is ALL they have come up with in 10 months at HP.

    I would like to see HP open WebOS up to these phone manufactures that seem to get it.

    Other option, is HP release a few more phones this year - as they stated late in 2010. "We'll ship new hardware every few months with 4 or 5 new phones in 2011". Or something like that... I don't have the exact quote. Maybe they are three down with Pre2, Pre3, Veer by the end of summer.
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    the only thing about opening it up, is that HP makes hardware...
    they may want to make their own hardware. most of the other OS's don't make hardware. RIM makes hardware, Apple makes hardware, and they sell their own devices. The others (Win7, Android) license it out because they don't make the hardware...

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