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    The biggest problem for HP is the ship date, if you could buy all 3 devices in March 2011, it would have been huge for HP, but no pricing or concrete release dates is really going to hurt them.
    I thought after the CEO speech and how they have learned from Apple they would have released pricing and and pre-order dates and delivery dates, but now this is a mess.
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    I can't disagree with your analysis. I like the Pre3 and the Veer may find its niche...if it released today as Apotheker said. Late summer? probably too late. Hp is running late and can't seem to catch up to the pack.

    Also, consider that they have not announced carriers. The veer seems to be going to ATT and Verizon will get the PRE3? Neither will support the product as tgheir focus will be on the iphone, then Android and we will have a repeat of the Pre/Pixi launch.

    I feel that the strength of WEBOS has been the fanatical user base who have, for the most part, remained passionate is now going to slip quietly away and the avid discourse will be replaced by crickets...
    I agree, I fear the same. PRe3 is a great device, even Pre 2 is not bad however devices need to be available yesterday not 6 months down the line and on service providers that will actually try to sell the devices and not sabotage it.
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    I just looked at VZW website...there is a splash of an announcement of a new is the iPhone. I figured the add for the Pre2 was just below wasn't. So, I decided to look it up in the know what? There are categories for 3g phones, smartphones, and iPhones. I thought there was only one iPhone offered for VZW? Who knew they had a whole 'department' of iPhones to offer!

    So, I select 'Smartphones' and scroll the list...then scroll back Pre2. I then go to 'select by OS/brand' where I see no Palm but do see HP...but it is greyed out, not selectable. Then I go back a step and try to shop by OS. There is Palm in the list! Yay! I click on it...and all the phones with a Palm operating system available on VZW...I mean the complete list is getting tabulated and about to show on the, the internet is a bit slow today...oh wait, the page IS done loading...there are no phones on the page. Hmmm...must be user error?
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    I left Sprint for AT&T iPhone. Mainly because of the FaceTime integration, and Netflix, and my deep investment in the iTunes Media ecosystem.

    I really want to come back to Palm's WebOS, but what is very necessary is a Media Ecosystem.

    Music, can come from Amazon MP3...

    Video? Come on! Rovio/Roxio?! Who the bloody hell has ever heard of that company?!

    Only way I know of it is from their buyout of Sonic DVD Media/Editor Solutions.

    Roxio as a brand means nothing to me. That are a miniscule piece of nothing.

    WebOS needed to make love to Amazon, and give us a fully integrated suite of Amazon Services.

    They need to keep the Kindle as-is, and use WebOS as their version of the Nook Color.

    What is Rubinstien DOing on the Amazon Board of Directors anyway?!

    WebOS CAN NOT survive long term without its own ecosystem!

    What do you all think?
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