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    I don't know if it is just me but the beginning keynote went over a lot of firsts. They even showed the garage. So does the Volt Commercial. Could they be aligning some of this for webOS in the car like Sync did with Ford? I like what I saw with the products, it will be enough to do what I want with a phone or a Tablet. The biggest thing I know I want for these products is content. Sports Illustrated is a start, great photography to showcase. We will need more..... pushing partnerships is the way to do it. I know Flash will take care of a bunch of that. However I know I would love to use an Xfinity app... I expect that maybe more of that would come out of the developer presentation... So fingers crossed. What are your thoughts? Do you think webOS embedded in a car would excite people? I've been using my phone in the car with touchstone and mode switcher already and expect to with a pad also. Tap your phone when you leave and the music continues on your headphones? Keep the news coming HP this should only be the start.

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    that garage is where Bill and Dave started HP. That's it. Remember, this is not Palm, but an HP event.

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