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    So as most people know by now all the old Palm webOS phones most likely wont get webOS 2.0. Who else thinks its a bussiness strategy? Are they making webOS 2.0 so that'll force use into buying the new phones and giving them more money or what? That reminds me of apple IOS not giving adobe flash to iphones and ipads because they think they'll lose money from application and videos from itunes. I think HP is not giving us webOS 2.0 because they want more money. I could be wrong, It makes me think of android low android devices stop at a certain update but Rom Developers in XDA create higher upgrades, for example the sprint cdma htc hero stopped at the update Android 2.1. Android 2.3 is a major UI update with lots of things, well guess what a developer ported that inside his rom and used it on a hero without any lag. If we had more developers who else thinks we could port 2.0 to pre/pre plus/ pixi/ and etc? Most highly not. Though lets wait for the "path to webOS 2.0" HP webOS is telling us.
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    Not to forget I bought this phone because it was getting webOS 2.0 with adobe flash 10.1, and gave up on my android phone.
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    Well, if that's the case... Early this morning I was eager to rush to Sprint and plunk down cash for a new WebOS phone, hoping to do so in the next 2-3 weeks when it was released.

    Now? I'm going to go look at some Android phones, maybe end up getting an iPhone. HP just lost my business. Good strategy there.
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    there not gonna get any money, at least from those smart phones they previewed, unless they release both of them in march, what makes me mad is the reply they sent to engadget "think again", and HP saying "We get it"...obviously they don't get it, that's why I haven't released any other apps for palm
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    Not only that, but im guessing they want all traces of it being a Palm phone gone, and want it to be "new" because they messed up on hardware last time on the pre, They messed up again! No updates are you serious?WebOS keeps failing me and I've given up now.

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