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    okay all this fuss about pre 3 and I still have a pre minus and want to know if webos 2.0 is coming to it! Hp didn't say anything about they old devices which really <<made me mad -- mod edit>> becuz they have a very loyal community and they should appericate that. They shouldve released it today imo that wouldve made me happy and I'm sure everyone else.
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    Wow. That was my first thought exactly. NO MENTION of upgrading older devices.... Makes me fearful that the original Pre isn't getting 2.2...
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    yeah this is very disheartening... but my phone wont connect to the update server and the app store wont load for me.. it stopped working around 11:30 today but I'm hoping the update might be the cause.

    nevermind, its up again for me. no update...
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    I also can't connect to the upgrade network or the palm store... this could be good news

    Edit: Nevermind mine is connecting now
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    it should be ready already.i tried 2.0 on my sprint pre and it looked like it was was in the final phase.just flash and the light sensor need to be worked on from my viewing...and maybe browser tweaking.i hope palm and hp dont forget about the old devices that really started this and put webos on the map.
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    I've been trying to update Foursquare since the meeting and keep getting a message that it's not available. Hopefully they're working on releasing the 2.0 update. (Yes . . . I'm a dreamer.)
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    Wheres the love for the loyal supporters that went out and bought the Pre in the first place? The key topic for me today was webOS 2.1 on the Pre and Pre Plus... and ZERO mention
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    My thoughts exactly. Im hoping it will be released tomorrow to go along with the us release of the palm pre 2.
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    this absolutely infuriated me... i was watching the cnet liveblog in complete and utter disbelief that they ignored us all.

    no palm logo at the venue, no love for existing customers... not happy with HP right now, despite the impressive array of new products.
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    I thought it was pretty much done (and leaked) awhile back and they were just holding it back to do an Apple style 'We just showed it to you, and you can download it.....NOW!' but no mention of previous devices or updates.
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    Also having issues connecting to the update server, really crossing my fingers right now.
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    everyone just pray maybe palms going to give us a treat!
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    I'm glad to see other people are upset about this. I did the Sprint to Pre Plus conversion just to keep my phone feeling fresh after the 2 was said to not be comming to Sprint. Obviously now I have no interest in the Pre2, but I'd like webOS2 on sprint more than anything. Beyond that, I'm hoping for the 3 to hit sprint. I guess its just agrivating because 2.0 holds some key features that I always thought should be givens with a smart phone, like the microphone api to allow for voice recorders and also voice dialing that is rumored. So, its been a long time since the Pre release on sprint and still feel like the phone is limited for no reason...and with the update seemingly just hanging over our heads. Any news would be nice.
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    if there is no update,then i know what phone, what laptop and printer i will not buy in the future
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    Also furious after no mention of it during the entire presentation, I talked with a friend who was actaully in attendance and will be at the Dev gettogether this evening. He told me that he'd heard all of the carriers said they will not allow 2.0 on previous devices and that it will now not be released. Apparently this is supposed to be confirmed tonight. I am absolutely irate about it.. So we have to wait another 5 months for a phone while stuck on original Pre with 1.4.5? And 2011 was supposed to be the big year for Palm? Getting real tired of being jerked around..
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    your going to tick some people off dude !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    your going to tick some people off dude !
    He's not in the EAP. He doesn't know the risks. I feel bad for the people who listen to this guy and damage their Profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    He's not in the EAP. He doesn't know the risks. I feel bad for the people who listen to this guy and damage their Profile.

    Swyped from my HTC HD2 (CM7)
    Is there a way for you to explain the risks without violating a NDA?
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    Anybody know how can we hack webOS 2.0 onto the Pre-?

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