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    After discovering the news of no 2.0 on anything before the Pre2, just like the 1.45 update we need to launch a 2.0 attack on palm and all their carrier's facebook and twitter
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    good idea
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    I concur with RoscoePColtrane's sentiments in the no-OTA post:

    "I have waited hoping palm, then Hp would do the right thing... I have the original Pre I purchased in july of 2009, we were promised then Flash compatability... here we are and still no compatability and will never come unless we get a new phone. The Pre3 looks great, it is the phone that should have been the original Pre or at least the Pre plus. I am going to look into a class action suit for false advertisement and hopefully get all the original Pre owners a Pre3."

    Not that I want a Pre3, because after this, F*** HP. But it's the principal they should understand.

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