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    wow. really. that sucks.
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    I want to laugh but this really sucks for anyone still on a legacy Palm device.
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    AAAAAA...........To be continued.
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    What a bunch of Liars. Thats it, the whole business I run is switching. Say goodbye to 75 Pre Lines Palm. You <<deleted by mod>> liars.
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    but i'm overjoyed anyway. lol.
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    The only reason i hadn't thrown my old Pre away was to play around with updates. Oh well...
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    Ios here I come, <<deleted by mod>> we're basically beta testers for the Webos
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    Hmmn, iphone on Verizon looks more tempting. In the meantime, we let HP work out the kinks in their apps and ecosystem
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    Palm M100 => Treo 755P => Treo 800w => Treo 755p => Palm Pre => No more Palm/HP products
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    There you another kick in the ballz just effing luving it 2day.
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    This is QUITE surprising, beginning to wonder why I have been such a proponent of HP lately. Luckily for me, I'm in the early access program..... but damn
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    Well, felt a lot of guilt going to the Evo on Sprint at Xmas with that $99 Radio Shack deal....

    Not so much now
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    So, I stood in line on June 6 two years ago and the thanks we get is "screw you".
    Well, I guess the EVO iphone or something else is in my near future. Thanks Dieter for all your good work. If it were not for the Homebrew apps, I would have dumped this a long time ago.
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    well, wait till summer to get a new pre or go buy something else. sad to say, time to get a non webos phone and maybe a touchpad when they come out.

    I'm very very very sad today.
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    you've made my decision very clear HP - ADIOS!

    I really don't know who you are trying to please, but it isn't the consumers that were once on your side.
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    Haha, I guess this whole Touchpad thing is a hoax too.
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    I'm sure some people bought Pre Pluses and Pixi Plusses based on the fact that WebOS 2.0 was coming for them. Class. Action. Lawsuit.

    The Pre Plus is obviously capable of it- there are leaked roms and they work pretty well.

    HP should just issue them off-the-air for those old devices. The carriers just screw that up anyway. Reliance on the carrier to issue the updates is just ridiculous.
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    I am so frigging fed up, I have to double post. I love webos. I love precentral. I hate google. I hate Apple. I hate Windows mobile OS's.

    I have nowhere to go. Guess I have to bite the bullet and get an android for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vincenzo View Post

    I'm very very very sad today.
    I couldn't agree more. This isn't an announcement - this is a slap in the face to all the loyal webos users who have been "waiting in the coming months". Nothing good about todays announcements - NOT ONE
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