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    I am doing what one of the guys already did (see below). I want webOS to succeed if they fix their mistake. If not then they have alienated us all. I give them till after MWC:

    There is an old adage that says, "the squeaky wheel, gets the oil". If you really want to make an impact on HP I'd suggest that you use every means possible to contact them stating your disappointment.
    e-mail the CEO
    Call the Commercial Relations Department, Corporate Office for Commercial Products at 888-943-8476.
    Tweet about it to @palm.
    Post on the Facebook page. (I don't know the name yet, maybe somebody else can provide the name.)
    Chat with technical support.
    Post on this form, don't just lurk.
    Please be polite. Understand that the person you are talking to has no power to make a change. Remind them what was promised last November, then in January and when the original Pre was released. Tell them that their own website promised flash and that the only way you can get flash is with a webOS 2.x update. Tell them that the vague language they're currently using is unacceptable. That you need a more concrete time frame.

    What you are trying to do here is make a statement that management will hear. If enough calls are made and e-mail messages sent and tweets made, someone in executive management is bound to hear. Make sure that you call, e-mail and chat to technical support for each device you own. If they are inundated with requests and feel the pain they may decide to make a change.
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    As some other dood eloquently put it..... now that symbian/meego is history to MS, only webOS is left for Darwinism to play out in this mobile space.

    So I feel like saying whats the point.
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    Like you all I'm very disappointed.
    Been waiting for webOS 2.0 since Xmas, when I got my Pixi +
    Hope there will be a doctor upgrade solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arths View Post
    Like you all I'm very disappointed.
    Been waiting for webOS 2.0 since Xmas, when I got my Pixi +
    Hope there will be a doctor upgrade solution.
    Check here for the answer to that :
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    Checked earlier, here is what it says.

    Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

    Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

    Your current device:

    Palm Pixi Plus on SFR.
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    Yes, the typical reply Sprint users (like myself) will see is this:

    Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

    Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

    We are working on alternative plans with Sprint and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to to find out more

    Your current device:
    I know there are devices coming to Sprint, so it's just a wait right now which I'm willing for right now.
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    being UK based I am limited in my access Palm. I have been patiently waiting for 2.0. Thanks HP......iPhone here I come. Lying <<mod deleted>>
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    HI, I don't have a big problem with Hp's announcement of original phones not getting the 2.0 updates, but I do have a problem with them not bringing to market a replacement option that gives me the same PixiPlus style, with keyboard on the face. Maybe I can get used to the Pre3, but I think we deserve the option of which style we like best. Maybe Hp has a replacement in the process? Probably would have announced it on the 9th as well, if they did. Looks like I'm either stuck, or will have to upgrade, pay a big 'fine', and learn a new keyboard 'slider' method. Especially if I want to be able to use the 'touch to transfer', with the new TouchPad I'll certainly be getting. Sad, but still a fan.
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    At the end of the day the developers are just as jerked... Remember no 2.0 SDK... and now there is currently a ZERO user base for WebOS 2.0 phones. All people with Pre's and Pixi's will NOT be getting any new apps because HP announce mojo is dead(the old way to write programs) so why write any new apps? so we now have phones that aren't going to see any new apps... AND there aren't going to be any WebOS Phones out for another 5-6 months!! And Pre2 isn't even being advertised and is basically a developer/test phone for WebOS 2.0...

    This has set developers back about a YEAR!
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    The letter I wrote to HP Execs which I posted a few pages back... I have gotten NO Response still....
    A few more things to add, HP has not only burned the WebOS bridge, but they started a fire on both ends and now find themselves trapped in the middle.

    Owners and Developers alike are totally left out of the whole thing, so where does that leave WebOS and its future? Why the hell should anyone even bother at this point?

    A hilarious point was made with the "Adolf learns about HP's WEBOS "Strategy" LOL", posted in another thread.... (aka YouTube link) and it sure does a great job of summing up how many felt when we found out.

    Here's my own little contribution to the audio portion of my frustrations....

    "Bang Your Head" by Q. Riot

    Well I'm a Qwerty-grinder, Data-driver
    Jon Zilber gives us a never never mind'er
    We Got no brains?, We're insane?
    Apotheker says that We're one big pain
    Burns like a laser, slashed with razor
    Palm got dropped... just like an anchor
    We want it louder!
    With More power!
    They're gonna Crock ya till it strikes sales hour!

    CHORUS 1:
    Bang your head! Hewlett-Packard'll drive you mad
    Band your head! Hewlett-Packard'll drive you mad

    Well It was... Demonstrated
    But Outdated, The first Pre was really... over-rated
    WebOS was a finder, and was a keeper
    OTA was no Loser and our Apps were cheaper
    We got the boys, to make the noise
    Won't ever let up
    Hope it annoys you
    Join the pack
    See Pre's crack?
    Well now you're here
    And There's no way back!

    Bang your head! Hewlett-Packard'll drive you mad
    Bang your head! Hewlett-Packard'll drive you mad

    Pre 3 will cure your crazy
    Veer will cure your mad
    TouchPad is what we all need
    It's what you have to have!


    Bang your head
    Now Pre's dead
    We're all Hopping mad
    It's all you have?
    So bang your head
    And OTA's dead
    Oh yeah!
    Sorry No Flash...
    It's not so bad
    We're very Sorry, its just too Bad!

    Oh get your straight-jackets on tonight... Oh
    Bang your head! Hewlett-Packard'll drive you mad
    The HP boys are gonna make it right... Crock on, Crock on, Crock on
    Bang your head! Hewlett-Packard'll drive you mad
    Bang your head!
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    God Bless and Travel Well!

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    Well i think that it is important to tel after reading sou many post that Web Os 2.0 was in development for Palm Pre and Pre +, but now it seams that it is not any more judging from the info we have now, (just my conclusion) I have been surfing on the net and searching for the betas and eventually found them. According to the comments, they have issues , since they are betas this is normal. If Palm or should i say HP does not release Web Os 2.0 for the legacy devices than perhaps the develepers can fix, aplay custem patches for the beta version. To make it vork Since this is a Linux Os it could be done, And do not forget that we have amazing developers and community. A messeage for HP Without the developers and the community Web Os would die and fade into oblivion.
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    Today I went to the Palm Pre Support site for Sprint Pre. At the top is a new link for checking availability for the webos 2 update. You put in the first 5 digits of your serial number. I got the following results.

    Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

    Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

    We are working on alternative plans with Sprint and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to to find out more

    Your current device:

    Palm Pre on Sprint.
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    Deja vu!

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    You are not alone my friend, For those of us on Sprint, (see the majority), we got the longest delay just to see a broken promise.... all Pre/Pixi owners are getting the shaft... But they're gonna make it up to us... Promise!
    "Palm, Productivity in Your's..."

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    Bought my evo today! Putting on the training wheels... I wonder if sprint is tracking the trend over to evo by the pre faithful. Happy to stay with sprint after all the did not string me along with promises of coming soon....

    Moving to androidcentral.... Good luck everyone!
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    Think Small like hp

    Think Big like the Evo

    Think beyond Rubinstein and Apotheker
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnygewitter View Post
    all you launch day Sprint Pre owners (who seem to be one of the biggest groups of webOS users) have contracts for two years, right? Still about 6 months to go, right?
    Sprint contracts do run for 24 months, but most allow a new fully subsidized phone after 22 months. Some can get a new fully subsidized phone after 12 months. As long as you get a new 24 months contract. To get a new fully subsidized phone once every year, you have to either have been a Sprint customer for 10 years or longer, or you have to be on a plan that is expensive enough.

    For example, I've been with Sprint for almost 13 years, so I was able to replace my phone last August. 12 months after buying my Pre. I've been holding off to see what Palm/HP would come up with.

    Note that any smartphone plan (I forgot about this until reminded by an earlier post) was automatically expensive enough to quality for one upgrade every year. But this plan becomes less generous starting a month from now (+/-), and I don't think people will be grandfathered. If not, many people who are sitting on an upgrade at the moment will lose it if they do not act by 1 April, and have to wait the 22 month interval.

    Keep in mind the substandard build quality of the original Pre. (I don't know anything about Pre+ or Pixi build quality.) I think *most* original Sprint Pre's will not last their usual 22 month contract period. Mine, at 18 months, is already getting close to failure. Its reliability has declined markedly just in the last 2 months.

    If my Pre dies before anything new is released on Sprint, I'll have no choice but to go to Android, as I'm not going without a smartphone for who knows how many months. Even if Pre2 were on Sprint right now (which it is not), I'm not going to burn a subsidy on it, for all of the obvious reasons.

    This news has put many people on Sprint between a rock and a hard place.
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    launch day sprint pre owners having been elgible to upgrade since last june, and there contracts are over this june thats 3 months not 6
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    I have owned palms since centros and when I got my palm pre plus, i was excited to hear that palm still cared about it's owners when I heard there was a 2.0 coming. I've talked a lot of people into palms over droids (I sell verizon) based on the fact that PALM cared. Reading that they are now acting all butthurt about the negative feedback, I'm really leaving palm behind for my next device. How could they not have known this would happen? Their planning for this was horrible, their reaction is ridiculous, the donation was cool of them, but that's everything they should've already planned for to PREVENT this reaction from the community.

    HP/PALM... you're sloppy. Horrible way to do business in such a competitive market.
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    I am starting to wonder what H/Palm was smoking when they released this. No company should ever continue to sell a device, saying that they will continue to support it, and then turn around and say that they wont. It is not only stupid, it is plain rude! I hear a class action lawsuit coming! I would be willing to bet money that people bought the palm pre+ and pixi+ with the assumption that they would be receiving the OTA WebOS 2.x.x update. I know the devices are old, but if they had any idea this was gonna happen, they should have done 3 things: 1) say that they cannot guarantee that WebOS2 would be on these devices, and that they would release more information "in the coming months", 2) stop making the devices; if the devices aren't for sale, nobody can buy them, and then when they get marked as "legacy" people will not be so upset because they will be able to get new devices, and 3) released a device on carriers that people with now "legacy" devices could switch to if they wanted to get a new device. What i hope that H/Palm is going to do is mark all current "legacy" device contracts void, and make a deal where they pay AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint the money they lost from the contracts, and the damages. I would be happy with that, it would cost the least amount of money for H/Palm (although they are so big, this is probably pocket change, no matter what they decide to do) and there would be no lawsuits, and the people with the devices would have the option to leave H/Palm and get a new device, without paying full price for it. i love the WebOS operating system, but it needs to grow up. they are running a wonderful OS on underpowered hardware and devices that just cant unleash the full potential of it. in a market that is always moving forward, you need to release new, better devices quickly, and efficiently. I really don't want to see WebOS die, but i see now that it could very well happen. HP, please, i am begging you, keep your customers happy, give them something to brag about, and you will not be let down. a happy customer is a big money bag, how do you think Crapple is able to do so well, and free advertising. make the right decision, in the meantime, i will be a follower of android. oh, that reminds me, WebOS internals, i would like to thank you SO much for all of your hard work. i never would have been able to stay with my palm pixi plus if it weren't for your patches and improvements on the OS. it makes me shed a tear for me to make this decision, but WebOS has no market support, the apps are crap except for the facebook app, and a few others, and the broken promises have thrown me over the edge. H/Palm, play your cards right and spread the word about WebOS, and i might come back. I will continue coming to precentral, so i will know when it is safe to come back, if ever. WebOS internals, i wish you luck and i hope that you can continue to do what you do. H/Palm, goodbye for now, its been, for the most part, a pleasure having your device, and i hope that you prosper. Goodbye forum, stay well, and make the decision that is right for you. :'( (lights fade out, as thunder roars in the distance and rain pours down) </rant>
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