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    It's not fair!
    We are hoping for an update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klownicle View Post
    You have a entirely correct point. But keep in mind, sprint has been left behind with nothing but rumors. And to see that the Pre 3 will likly only be on AT&T and Verizon without sprint in the drop down. Is just further proof.

    I think its just false hope to believe that sprint is getting anything. Sprint wants Wimax not 3G. You need commitment from the carrier for a phone to be carried. They do not want to commit to anything non 4g. Simple as that.
    Sprint was fine with the crappy looking Kyocera echo and it's only 3G. Even though I think the echo is crappy it has apps and development in Android behind it, though granted it will probably languish because of the need of special development for it.
    It may be that Sprint doesn't trust the Pre3 to sell. I know many Palm users love there physical keyboards, but I think a lot of us got Pre's because it looked to be the best phone on Sprint and a great OS, not necessarily because it had a keyboard. Now that there are other options out there with Android, people may not feel compeled to stay with Palm. I like my Pre and am going to mis my touchstones more then anything, but I am ready to move on. A Pre3 on Sprint wouldn't keep me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post
    HP, I haven't posted on Pre|Central in a couple of months. I logged in today just for this. You suck. Completely. Don't give me any of that BS that the older Pres/Pixies are not beefy enough to run webOS 2.0. That's total bull and you know it. Rather than taking care of your current customers, you're putting all your effort into what you hope will succeed in the future --- all at the expense of your current customer base.

    We've stuck with you for 1.5 years now and by the time the new hardware comes out it'll be at least 2 years. WebOS 1.4.5 was released in August 2010 and you are making us Pre/Pixi folks wait until new hardware comes out in the summer of 2011 just so we can get webOS 2.x? Amazing. Way to go, guys. And don't feed me the bull about the Pre 2 on VZW. The Pre 2 is useless now that new hardware will be out in 4-5 months. Who gives a crap about it now. It's not much of an upgrade anyhow.

    You're taking a huge bet that your best friends, us, are still going to be your webOS evangelists in 4-5 months time. We are the people who tell our friends and family to buy webOS products. We are the ones who proudly show off webOS to our friends and family and show them why they should choose webOS products. We are the ones who have stuck by webOS through it all. We are what political strategists call the base. Four to five months time in the technology world is an eternity. Your base is being sliced off every day by iOS and Android (and to some extent WP7). By the time the new stuff finally comes out your base will be very small indeed. But you can slow the defections by giving us webOS 2.x in webOS Doctor form. Do it. It's the right thing to do. Heck, even the Supreme Soviet in Cupertino was kind enough to extend their lastest iOS to their last-gen phone.

    Man, I had no idea how PO'd I was about this until I started writing. Thanks for the swift kick in the groin to us enthusiasts, HP!
    I think soon iPhone or Android will be saying to Hp "All your base are belong to us." :P
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    No OTA for us suckers! However, they will release a "pathway to 2.x" for us..."IN THE COMING MONTHS"

    Ya, for the first time since July 2009 of getting my Sprint Pre, I'm done pushing Palm to friends & talking up my 'great' device. I'll switch to Android for a bit until HP can pull their heads out of their orifices & actually DO SOMETHING!
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    Quote Originally Posted by licotto View Post
    No OTA for us suckers! However, they will release a "pathway to 2.x" for us..."IN THE COMING MONTHS"
    No, they aren't even giving us a pathway anymore.
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    no OTA 2.0 update for pre/pre+ at all, huh? What about the addition of flash that was promised over a YEAR ago when I bought my Pre+? I still remember when the 1.3.5 update (or something like that) was a big deal, because it added the hooks for flash when it would be released in the future. Oh well, I'm sure Internals will figure out a solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by runtimmyc View Post
    No, they aren't even giving us a pathway anymore.
    The only pathway is buying a new phone "in the coming months". lol

    Swyped from my HTC HD2 (CM7)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    The only pathway is buying a new phone "in the coming months". lol

    Swyped from my HTC HD2 (CM7)
    That pathway better include a discount or a lot of Pre-/+ users are gonna say buh-bye!
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    Pre Plus O2 Germany

    Palm is working with your carrier to provide a software update for your device.

    Please return to in the coming weeks to find out more.

    Your current device:

    Palm Pre Plus on o2.
    Pre O2 Germany

    Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

    Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

    Your current device:

    Palm Pre on o2.
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    I am not sure yet if I am upset at this yet or not. My pre is working OK and I am happy with everything except the lack of an autofocus camera. And I knew a software update would not help that so I had plans to upgrade to new hardware this summer anyway.

    May wait for the pre3 or switch to something else at this point.
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    Beyond the core issue of disappointing the OS's diehards, HP couldn't have done worse to kill the buzz from yesterday's positive announcements. Bad news compounded by bad timing. Stupid all around, HP.
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    This just makes me sad

    I can't believe that the people at Palm would let HP do this to us.

    The Palm Canada site hasn't even been updated....<<mod delete>>.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heffi1950 View Post
    Pre Plus O2 Germany

    Pre O2 Germany
    How'd you get there? I'm trying to see the response for a Pre+ on Verizon
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    The reality is this, HP (Palm) believes it is too big to really worry about 150 negative posts on their Facebook page(s) here. There are 80,000 + followers of this HP PALM Facebook page but about 150 posters here. The only way someone in their company would even begin to raise an eyebrow for its existing customer base is if these posts had 40,000+ negative postings from its existing core customer base. Until that happens, large companies like HP believe they can spend marketing dollars to overcome any negative loss of its existing customer base. (Just look at Insurance companies as a comparison, how can you switch companies and save with EVERY insurance company out there?) They believe its cheaper to advertise and obtain new customers, than it is to spend and/or live up to its posted advertising to retain existing customers. The real question is, isolating their customers, also has an impact on the carriers who have sold and promoted their phones (Verizon, Sprint, and others who may in the future AT&T, T-Mobile, etc., not sure how Europe, UK etc works). It appears to me that the carriers may already be abandoning HP PALM or certainly considering it. I know now, I wish I would have taken Screengrab photos of all the promises on HP's web site so I could take them into my Verizon store now, before my contract is up with Verizon and tell them they have mislead their customer. I have the feeling Verizon and others will be more responsive than HP Palm since they are closer to their customer base. Oh, I don't even think HP Palm looks at off site pages like this anyhow. Just random thoughts of course ....
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    I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. Thanks for nothing Preperation HP and Rosie Palm. Excuse me Verizon, Can I take a look at that new IPhone you have?
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    Wow, my last phone call with Sprint tech support makes sense now. I have been having major software issues with my third "original recipe" Pre. The last reset they did they actually said to me: "You're eligible for an upgrade. Why don't you just get a new phone?" And I said, "Because I paid a lot of money for this one! Make it work!". I guess they knew it was the end. I, too, am completely fed up and burned by this and will not buy another HP/Palm product. I'm out. Android, here I come!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ErrantAI View Post
    Oh well, I'm sure Internals will figure out a solution.
    Why? I'm not trying to speak for the Internals group, but if I'm in their shoes I'm feeling pretty kicked in the gut right now. And I would be wondering why I should bother to support the platform anymore.
    February 9, 2011 - A case study in how not to introduce new products.
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    Palm is working with your carrier to provide a software update for your device.

    Please return to in the coming weeks to find out more.

    Your current device:

    Palm Pre Plus on O2.
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    I know I might be treading in dangerous waters here, but I wanted to love Palm WebOS and get a Pre, but it took way too long to come to Verizon and by that time I went with a Droid 2, and love it. However, once HP/Palm stated that ALL older devices would get 2.0, I got a free Pixi for my fiancee since she wanted something to be as small as possible while still having a keyboard. I was pleased to hear that they would be upgrading even her device in the coming months so why not get the better form-factor?

    Apparently the reason is because HP will screw all Palm fans over and abandon them after promises 2 months ago to the contrary. It is too late to return a phone bought under false pretenses, and I am upset by this development. I hope they offer seriously good discounts on upcoming products, though I also lament the lack of a Pixi 2 or similar device on the horizon :-(
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    OK hold the phone...isnt webOS already running on Pre+ in Europe?
    For the + therefore hardware has proven compatible. Most Pre owners should be nearing upgrade time anyway and the rest will probably be there by time the Pre 2 is released. And as another poster pointed out most have been hollaring for a new phone anyway.
    Plus users like me still have a ways to go.
    Don't misread me. This is a major SNAFU on HP's part. The hype and buildup to their big day was ruined by this. Don't be surprised if QuickOffice and others pull out over this. Someone at HP needs to be fired over this screw up.
    if hardware incompatibility is an issue so be it. PCs tend to need upgrades when new OS comes out too. But they should have come forward with an upgrade solution. PCs aren't bound by long term contracts.

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