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    Updates will be available through doctoring your phone .

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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Ok, so us legacy people are not getting an update for our phones. Doesn't that just..well you get my drift. I waited and waited for my Pre when I was with Sprint and then waited again for it to come to AT&T when I switched to them. Although I am generally happy with the phone, I am unhappy with the way that we as customers have been treated. No updates, no flash, etc. So I was excited about the "big announcement" that was yesterday. Wow..a tablet, and two new phones. Needless to say, I was totally no plussed. And then the news that we are not going to get an update. You would think that with the collective brain trust that exist in HP, they would be able to do something for us. Hey, wait a minute! We can connect our phones to our computer through a USB cable. Why don't they make the webOS2 update available to us through a download. I know of a friend that updated their android device that way. Just a thought... Not sure whether I will purchase a Pre 3 when it comes out because of price and the way that HP has treated us legacy folks...
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    Ya know, I was going to go the route of emailing HP/Sprint and voice my opinions, but face it; we did the same thing when the Pre 2 was announced for VZ last year and Sprint even called me (someone from VP relations team). It changed nothing. We get the Kyocera DS!

    <<mod delete>> Not worth my time. Using my Pre til it breaks then moving on to whatever is on the market when I need a new phone that is available THEN. Not in the coming months/years/never. It's what I now associate HP webOS brand with.
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    This is the biggest disappointment for me as a loyal Palm user. To tell us that the update was coming for our devices and then withdraw the support is terrible planning and execution.

    HPalm has highlighted its user base and the additional engineers added.

    I dont think I can wait until next summer for the Pre3. I am going to start considering an Android phone, especially if someone comes out with a form factor similar to the Pre3.
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    Does this mean that the Pre2 will ALSO get no further updates, if the OTA updates will only include those devices that have the hardware for Tap-to-Touch, etc?
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    And to the people still claiming the updates are are coming, just over USB vs. OTA: Wrong.

    No major webOS OTA Updates to Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, Pixi Plus - Updated: none at all | | The #1 Palm Pre and Pixi Community

    Unless it comes from webOS Internals' magic or a leaked beta build; we won't see jack.
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    After taking an evening to reflect on this news, I am ready to put in my two cents.

    Palm (and then HP) made promises to their faithful users. Even after other phone makers moved on with hardware and software features, loyal Palm users stuck by their company because those users knew that Palm would do right by them. Yesterday's announcement gave me cause to drop all respect for HP. Why should I buy a Pre 3? How can I know that you wont just jettison that product a year later with half-fulfilled promises made on launch day?

    As to concerns that 2.0 can't run on older hardware--BS! There have been many developers at HP, the carriers, and even early access app developers who have been running the 2.0 software (even on old Pre and Pixi hardware!) If HP doesn't want to spend the support cycles to support their existing users on a new OS version, at least man up and admit it.

    This is a huge PRPRPR $nightmare$ $for$ $HP$. $They$ $have$ $alienated$ $their$ $base$ $customers$. $Very$ $disappointing$. $Very$ $bad$ $form$.

    Like many of my fellow PreCentral brethren, given this information I will not be buying the tablet and 3rd generation Pre that I had been planning to purchase. HP has lost me as a customer forever. Goodbye, HP.
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    Sorry, here's the path:

    Contact HP/Customer Support > Other questions/feedback > Send a message to the CEO
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    Not sure if anybody else posted this, but from the webOS Internals Twitter feed:

    So, Palm created ahead of time, preparing for the no-2.0-OTA announcement today ...
    It's true - go to the site, put in the beginning of your serial number and you'll get this little bundle of joy:

    Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

    Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

    We are working on alternative plans with Verizon and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to to find out more.

    Your current device:
    Palm Pre Plus on Verizon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by headgamer View Post
    Link? Not seeing the "Send a message to the CEO".
    To save others hunting for it : HP Executive Team: CEO email
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    Screwed by HP again.

    I LOVE webOS, love love love it. but the new phones aren't awe inspiring and I can't get the 2.0 goodness on my pre minus..

    the Path to 2.X better be a big *** discount and sprint better be all up on the pre3 love or an epic or shift is in my future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffreb View Post
    we need a twitter hashtag
    I started using #thinkbetrayed.
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    We're all upset about that, but that's the way it it. You want 2.x? Go out and buy a Pre 2 (which will be obsolete by summer anyway).
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    The only way I will be happy is if they exchange my current phone for a Pre 2 or 3 for dirt cheap with no contract. I have a better chance of getting hit by a comet.
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    I eagerly awaited the big event and continued checking the precentral forumns. This morning I see that my original pal pre will not be updated to Webos 2.xxxx. As a programer I understand, yet as an individual who has been with palm for the past 4 or 5 years i am disappointed.

    With that said, I have been with sprint since 1998 and have 5 phones on my plan(all palm). I will probably install the new update myself but most will not. I have few options at sprint other then to get a droid which i have not been too impressed with. I want to thank all that have been involved here and at the homebrews area because it has helped me immensly.

    Why would HP disenchant all of us LOYAL palm fans, as we are the only ones that bought the phone and probably the only ones that were wathing the Big Event yesterday. My wife is clamoring for an iphone and you go to your local Walmart and pick one up for 100 or we can wait some unknown time for a Pre3 which has a bigger screen than the iphone and purchase it for an unknown price.

    All I can say is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    If you have a big event, be capable of backing it up with the actual devices that are ready now.
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    Anyone else feel like this after yesterday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marshalla99 View Post
    To save others hunting for it : HP Executive Team: CEO email
    I dont think it would really make a difference but I'll send him a message anyway. After all he's the one who promised that products will be available to buy within weeks of their announcements. Looks like everyone at HP is clueless/misinformed when comes to Palm phones.

    As much as I love my Pre...I will be moving on to HTC/Android when it comes time for my upgrade.
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    Just tweeted this. Let's get the #thinkbetrayed hashtag going!

    Nearly 1,000 formally loyal Pre owners express outrage at @palm's betrayal: [link to this forum] We need @stephenfry's help! #thinkbetrayed
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    Well, if you're really upset with Palm for abadoning the base, just abandon Palm...I mean, HP.

    I really liked the Pre 3. I like the portrait slider (landscape is a PITA to type on and I like having a physical keyboard). The screen is bigger w/o being crazy sized, a higher resolution, sleeker profile. It looks amazing in pictures. I want one.

    However, the main issue webOS has right now is apps. I didn't see much yesterday that convinced me this problem is going away, ESPECIALLY with the 2.0 news. Devs are upset at having to wait more months to release to something that probably won't really sell by that point. So they're leaving and I didn't see anything exciting non-tablet wise about new app development. (honestly, I didn't see anything exciting tablet wise except for Kindle, but anyway....).

    All of this makes the Pre 3 less appealing to me. They really do need to do something for developers re:2.0. They basically threw all their current devs under a bus in a lot of ways to bank on new ones I'm not confident are going to be there.
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    By the way, I have been living VERY happily with a Windows Phone 7, Samsung Omnia 7 for a month now. The OS is still lacking, but new features are coming down the pipe soon and the entire design language is something remarkable. I am truly impressed - and shocked to find myself saying that!

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