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    Ouch! For the record, other than the unfulfilled promises, I understand the need to de-list old devices from OS upgrades, etc...

    HOWEVER -- perhaps this was naivety on my part, but, I was always of the belief that Palm would circle-back and fix the stuff they left-out in the original OS -- we are still on the major release 1.x afterall. Sure, they're doing some of this for other phones (Voice dial, auto correct, etc..), but, I've pretty much lost faith that they will work to complete the PIM apps. The WebOS 3.x calendar they showed had a new view, but, I strongly doubt it has any more features than our current one. Tasks/Notes? The tasks icon showing in the demo was from the same Tasks CrApp shipped with WebOS, etc...

    So: in summary: IF I want to keep torturing myself with vain hope of PIM improvements (or any other WebOS improvements), I have to:
    -Get a new Device that's not available now (no idea when/if it will be easily available to my carrier)
    -Hope that somebody knows/cares enough at HP to provide cloud sync technology covering ALL four major PIM apps (otherwise, how can their magical "same data on two devices" approach work?)
    -Hope that my Pre+ keeps running smoothly until then (so far, running great)

    Sound crazy to you too? Seeing as how I spent lots of money to buy my Pre+ & related requirements (unlock + chapura) off-contract, I think I'll hang around at 1.4.5 for a bit, sit on my hands and watch what unfolds. At that time, may the most suitable smartphone / smartphone OS win based on what they have available then vs. in the pipeline.

    Big thanks to the Homebrew community. If it wasn't for all the extensions & add-ons available to me, my current end-of-the-line setup would be much less tolerable.
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    I am now figuring out how to move all the data I moved from my TX to my Pre+, back to my TX. At least the data won't disappear on the TX when "the powers that be" shuts off cloud support for legacy WebOS devices. Oh yeah, it's coming.
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    I am not going to suggest I am not disappointed in the news thus far, I sure would like to have heard that OTA updates to 2.+ were forthcoming soon.

    However, I don't have enough information to get all hot under the collar about it just yet.

    I bought the Pre Minus (all off Craigslist, we have 5 Pre users in the family now) and when I purchased each of them, I got exactly what I was expecting and promised. A Pre Minus. So for now, I am happy with the phones we have. They are a tool that is there primarily to support communication avenues, they fulfill that role to the extent I expected when I bought them.

    Having said that, I believe we did hear that older Pre phones would all get webOS 2.+. This was part of the whole "look at us, our platform is not fragmented, future software will always be backwards compatible to older software, to some extent, not like android". This has definitely changed. I am not sure I can call it a lie, perhaps this was intended to be the case, but what they learned was that based upon testing, support issues would sky rocket if they let 2.+ get into the wild via OTA updates. I am disappointed, not sure they are liars however.

    Having said all this, I don't have the entire story, I want to know more about this path to 2.0 or whatever it was called. I can wait to see what they say. And I also have some compassion for their situation. Mergers are not easy, you can lay a framework but they never go exactly as planned or expected. You have to do the best you can. Perhaps they have.

    I can say for certain that what I saw unfold yesterday looks very exciting from a hardware and software perspective. I can say that I still want to be part of the webOS ecosystem. Also, I am with Sprint, I would like to stay there, but if it becomes obvious that Verizon is the carrier I need to be with, I will consider it. But just as with HP and webOS, we don't know all the details with regard to Sprint's participation either.

    The cup is usually half full for me, it makes for a more pleasant experience overall. I am looking forward to see how this pans out.
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    Being with Palm for 10+ years, it's about time to say goodbye. Devices are still the best, however Palm/HP is driving away from loyalty users. RIP
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    I agree with everyone on here...I really would like a quicker response on the path to upgrade story....I think we at least deserve that much.

    Let's face it...even if webos 2.x was released for your device...chances are you would still be dumping your upgraded device in the future for a palm 3 or veer or whatever. At least that's how I seem them banking on selling their devices as hopefully you will buy them regardless (Especially if timeline truly is 5 to 6 mnths away)

    I know its still not the point...promises are promises and notions were notions whatever...Bottom line is HP made a gamble....they'll probably be alright with their tablet and PC section...I'm sure in the future if they need to they can just dump mobile phones in general and not even bothe being in that game.

    I currently have a Pre(-) and I like it...I wish it might be upgradeable but if it isnt so be it...I'm just more disappointed with what is the obvious real problem here will be 0 development here on out as the user base will either leave to another platform or get invested into os2.x, 3.x...

    By the way I'm not sure if it's laziness or what not...but Palm Canada's website regarding the original Pre still has it listed as receiving "HP WebOS 2.0" "in the coming months"...It mentions the Pre 2 being sold at "Rogers" already coming with it installed and the Pre(-) sold at Bell as scheduled to get in the coming months......take it with a grain a salt perhaps.
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    I feel cheated. We Pre owners are the ones that got the Pre rolling. We took the chance and got the phone off of the shelves and into the news! We are the ones that actually got HP to buy Palm!

    There are phones out there that are better with a lot more available for them but I have stuck with my Pre and Sprint expecting it to be upgraded to be all it can be!

    I have listened to all of the promises and hints of the new 2.0 or better 2.1 Pre OS with great expectation.

    I am really hurt and disappointed. I no longer have a Palm Pre it is just another mediocre phone.

    Leland Cox
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    I encourage everyone to go to the HP "Contact Us" page, and take advantage of the option to "Send a message to the CEO." I did. Here's a copy of what I sent:

    I am insulted and disgusted by yesterday's announcement that WebOS 2.0 will not be provided for my Palm Pre.

    A little over a year ago, I bought my first Pre. I loved it. WebOS is a spectacular operating system that works exactly as a mobile OS should. I have been a vocal advocate of WebOS, Palm, and now HP. I have bragged about how awesome WebOS would be on a tablet. At the Sprint store, I stood up to an arrogant salesperson who literally made fun of me for using my upgrade credit to buy another Palm Pre instead of an EVO to replace my broken Pre. I check PreCentral and WebOS Roundup on a daily basis to see what announcements HP has made and what updates have been released by the homebrew scene to make the best of my phone hardware.

    And what do I get for all this? Bald-faced lies and a slap in the face. When I bought my second Pre, would you like know what was on the Sprint product page? "Coming Soon: WebOS 2.0!" Lie. You know what I heard over and over? "WebOS 2.0 will be available for existing devices in the coming months." Another lie.

    Please tell me, why on earth should I continue to support a company that will lie through their teeth to their most loyal customers? The answer? I won't. If you don't fix this mistake, I am done with HP. I have already told my friends and co-workers (shamefacedly) that I was wrong, and that they should stay away from WebOS. I will never again purchase ANY HP product, whether or not it is WebOS-related.

    You have not just lost one customer. You have lost a fan and an evangelist, and you have gained a vocal opponent.

    I knew Palm. And, HP, you're no Palm.

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    I like lightmagicks idea. I got onto the support chat with Palm and requested the date the sprint pre owners would get a webos 2.x doctor. Naturally they said they don't know, in weeks. I figured they should get to hear from us folks anyway.
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    I've been patient with my phone to be upgraded to 2.0 hoping all hick ups will be solved so my pre become a REAL smart phone but now,,,, I am done wit my pre from knowing no updates . Going Apple when my contract finish for sure.
    pre is just simply not as good as iphone.
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    It sucks !
    Go on RIP Palm fan page on facebook, and let show to HP what how we are determinated !!!
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    Sorry, 504 bad gateway double post
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    congrats... developers now have a zero user base... and current pre/pixi owners will be getting NO 2.0 apps... AND no one is going to develop mojo apps knowing that the user base will start to dissipate exponentially. It's basically a Full Reset of everything... and developers won't see another user base till 7-9 months from now... and thats AFTER iPhone5, iPad2, and updated Andriod GUI (by the guy who made WebOS) ....

    A year is a LONG time to not have any users to develop for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hegemon13 View Post
    I encourage everyone to go to the HP "Contact Us" page, and take advantage of the option to "Send a message to the CEO." I did. Here's a copy of what I sent:
    Link? Not seeing the "Send a message to the CEO".
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    Nevermind. Dug and found it.
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    we need a twitter hashtag
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    Give us the 2.0 upgrade I will still upgrade to the Pre3 because we want the new Snapdragon processor, my Pre Plus is too slow.
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    I refrained from posting here yesterday because I thought I should take a day to cool off... after a night to think things over, I can honestly say that I'm still just as damn mad as I was yesterday.

    It wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't TOLD us that it was coming.

    The worst part in my mind is that they even went to the trouble of pointing out how loyal the existing webOS user base has been (Laptop Mag poll results) only to turn around and kick us in the pills later the same day.

    I don't expect HP to give me a new device for free, or even to make software updates available forever on my old device, however I do think they should give current users access to the newest software at least - the very least - until the new devices are actually on the shelf. Especially since they made that promise.

    I have been a very vocal supporter (one could even go so far as to say fan-malechild) of Palm (specifically of webOS) since I got my Pre in June of 2009.

    I can't count how many people I've told about webOS and I know that I'm directly responsible for the sale of at least 3 Pres (which is about the same as all of Sprint sales staff put together). I even tried to convince a buddy that he should hold off on getting the iPhone4 from Verizon and wait for the "new" device announcement from HP/Palm... now the announcement has come and gone and I still can't give him a date to expect the new hardware.

    The people I feel the worst for are the developers, who are now being told that the loyal fans that have been with them from the beginning now can't even get the newest version of their apps. We are the people that would boost sales to new users by providing the first hundred good reviews in the catalog. Now, it's like they have to start from scratch.

    I'm not going to change carriers to chase hardware, so if the Pre3 isn't available on Sprint, I guess my webOS phone days will come to an end around September when I'm due for an upgrade. If the price is right, I may still get the TouchPad WiFi version, but who knows.

    The bottom line is, to say I'm disappointed would be an gross understatement.
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    Ok Homebrew, help!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spader View Post

    The bottom line is, to say I'm disappointed would be an gross understatement.
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    Hahaha hardware cant support 2.0? Tell that to Pre Plus owners..

    So either there is a huge miss communication in WebOS team since it was posted on their freakin website that 2.0 is coming or "someone" became very greedy and hoping that we are all going to jump the ship to new announced devices. Either way its not good!! Not good at all!

    Worst thing is no one can promise us that Pre3 wouldn't be ditched in 8 months for Pre4.

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