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    I am surprised that everyone is surprised by palm & hp. It has been clear that palm (insert previous negative comments here). The weird thing is, just yesterday my 2 year old phone made somebody's jaw drop when he saw it in action. I've never believed a word palm said, and always got a smile when the <<mod edit>> did the "just be patient" speech. I, very early on, believed that palm just plain sucked after they put out the treo. The pre by comparison is a toy in both form and function - but a cool toy. When my cool toy dies, and not before, I will buy another cool toy - and I assure you it will not have hp or palm written on it. Nor will my next laptop or notebook.
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    I received this message:

    Palm is working with Vodafone to provide a software update for your device.

    Please return to in the coming weeks to find out more.

    Your current device:
    Palm Pre Plus on Vodafone.

    I live in Italy and I have an unblocked Palm Pre+ from germany.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojok3 View Post
    What little credibility Palm had as a brand, HP squashed it
    I think that was HPs intention. All demos have no sign off Palm. I think HP feels this is the only way to move forward w/ these products. W/ or w/ out Palm faithful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by petehild View Post
    Yeah! Where is the "encouraging" message for O2 Users (UK, Germany...)?!?
    The encouraging message is from FRANCE :

    "Palm is working with SFR to provide a software update for your device.

    Please return to in the coming weeks to find out more.

    Your current device:
    Palm Pre Plus on SFR."
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    i was hoping they would handle it like apple. Updates for all devices to keep the userbase growing. More users more popularity more apps. But now all 1.4.5 users (and this are almost all webos users) are abandoned.
    you have a new prog-language and no userbase. You are starting from zero. This is bad. This is sad.
    and what will happen in one year? Pre4 and webos2.5 only for the new devices?

    what webos needed was a slight evolution not a full restart.
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    what does take weeks now?

    they should just give us new phones for a _real_ discount, let's say they should sell the devices to us for the manufactoring costs, in exchange for the old one.

    But why does this take weeks? Just announce THIS and most of us will be ok.
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    It's B.S.

    Thanks to Preware, my OC Sprint Pre runs nicely. You can't tell me that 2.0 would not run!

    I have donated, bought apps just for the sake to keep money flowing to the devs [ i hate playing games ] just so they would keep a positive mental / monetary attitude.

    I am up for a subsidized Sprint phone since OCT2010, now I will be looking elsewhere. I held on hoping that HPalm/Sprint would wow me; guess not.

    After watching/reading the pathetic Sprint PRPRPR $stunt$ $this$ $week$ &$amp$;&$amp$;&$amp$;&$amp$;&$amp$; $the$ $HP$ $PR$ $stunt$ $yesterday$, $I$ $am$ $leaving$....

    I am not a fanatic, but I have been a fan of Palm since I got a Palm V, and loved it. It made my scheduling easier.

    If you can dump Gen1 owners that easily, guess what, I can dump you and move to Apple/VZW come Jun2011.

    Kick us while we are down.

    Kudos to dev's that kept us happy. To those that have not OC their Pre's yet, do it, it makes the phone so very very usable, and donate to if you are staying on this ship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazyboy97o View Post
    To be fair, the carrier do get the final say on their phone lineup. While it is HP's job to sell their product. Sprint, like so many of us, may have just been tired of dealing with all of the BS.
    Sprint is trying to make money. Although they suck at it but i think it's also key to point out that after a nice start the Pre didn't do that well on Sprint. That's why they love Android. Cause the EVO did what they wanted Pre to do. So i've never been surprised they wouldn't stick with webos. They have bad market share, no money, and just released that craptastic dual screen phone to massive fanfare. And to be fair the phone may be fine but they called so much attention to it that it was over hyped. Considering their market situation i'd personally be stunned if Sprint does anything other then focus on the proven winners like EVO, Andorid phones in general, possibly forking over for iphone (but i don't think they have the cash), and possibly continueing with Blackberry. But i'd bet they go with WP7 first. Then again sprint isn't exactly a well run outfit so i wouldn't totally rule out a webos phone. I mean hell someone thought that Echo was worth pushing. Deep down though my gut says if the pre didn't sell before i can't see exactly why the Pre 3 is more appealing. I'm sure some will say the hardware changes. I'm just not convinced of that.
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    I imported an o2 pre minus, while living in the netherlands. So HP, what about the international users ? Will they receive some kind of discount. Even my 2 years old nokia 5800 received an update a couple of weeks ago.
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    So what exactly is telling us they won't play the same game on us with the next update to the Pre4 and Webos 4.0 or something. Why should we trust them to support their platform in the future? I'm not sure if that's an incentive to trust them with my money again and buy the new phone. What they're doing is "starting all over" again. Because that worked so fantastically the last time they did it. Right.

    Also, why would my Pre Minus not run stacks, exhibition, Facebook Chat, Synergy Services, etc?
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    I saw on Palm's Website: " WebOS2.0 available this month " with my Pre+
    n now, i know " available this month " mean " buy my new device, ***** "
    It's great :-&
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    im on a pre plus in uk i just got the 'palm is working with your carrier to bring you the update' message, so good news
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    Quote Originally Posted by fredwyn View Post
    im on a pre plus in uk i just got the 'palm is working with your carrier to bring you the update' message, so good news
    Crumb of hope.

    I hope you're right, but I think you're in a North African river.
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    Are you guys seriously suggesting you're going to have faith in a random quote that doesn't even guarantee anything from a company that just got done lying to you multiple times?

    Because if so, WOW.
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    So after all, i won't get flash on my first launch pre. <<mod delete>> My next phone won't be one of yours. i don't know if it will be ios or android, but im sure it won't be webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noelb View Post
    We need the @ReleaseMyPre guy to come give HP a earfull of hatred. Hopefully with lots of yelling and name-calling!
    If he doesn't work for Palm I don't know who does. He had the nerve to call the Pre 2 a super device.
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    O2 Pre Minus here... According to palm, no update is available (that's it, no additional text).
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    Sucks ****. Really does. It'll make pre-pre2 devices obsolete quickly.

    I remember someone saying in a previous discussion that it would actually benefit HP to nuke their userbase and start fresh. This might work -- if the phone didn't look the same.

    That being said, I'd take a generous trade-in for my current hardware to new hardware waaaaaaaaaaay before an OTA upgrade. It would have to be generous though.
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    Woot! This story has made it into The Register : HP cans WebOS 2 updates for older Palms • reghardware
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    HP/Palm, I have something to say:

    <<mod delete>> I AM SWITCHING TO HTC.
    Desire HD here I come,
    I am in the early access program but I can't even use my normal palm profile... seriously HP?!
    You gave us crappy hardware, but that was okay because WebOS was/is awesome but now there is no reason to stay.
    Thank god I get my new phone on the 22nd.
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