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    What little credibility Palm had as a brand, HP squashed it
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    I am a little surprised. I think they setup the wrong expectation. I can understand they do not want to support old devices, especially Sprint Pre, but they should have just came out and say that when webOS 2.0 was announced.

    Anyway, I am waiting to see which carrier Pre 3 will be on. I still want to stick with webOS, but I am worried that HP would lose a lot of Pre customers due to this and no new phones on Sprint.
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    Let the WebOS fragmentation begin. Very annoyed, was planning on getting a Pre 3 anyway in summer but would've liked to familiarise myself with 2.0 on my Pre +
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    WOW, that really sucks... might just have to swap my Pre for the IPhone4. I'm getting a Pre 2 for work, so I'll have the best of both world
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    With this news and the news that Pre 3 or pad not going to Sprint it is time to bolt to another carrier and get Pre 3 or do I dare say it get the iPhone, I feel like i just got screwed from all sides and without vaseline. And imagine the day started so promising with the HP event.
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    Wow... Deflated at that news... Hope they come up with a way to doctor my Sprint Pre on up to 2.1 reaaaaaaal fast
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    I know I can't really complain since I'm still fairly new to WebOS, buying my device only in August, but I had the impression I'd be seeing the light of 2.x. I guess not.

    And, as far as the Pre 3 and Veer go, I'm not impressed what so ever. How many Pre's are they going to push out? The Pre 2 hasn't even hit the shelves for Verizon yet.

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    If they're so busy getting new stuff out the door, why is the new stuff not coming out for another 4-7 months? I seriously think a class action suit needs to be explored here considering we were promised flash support over a year ago.

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    That's fine with me as my Pre minus is on its last leg. I'd rather have my new hw in the Pre3 but I need it on Sprint! Source code only lists Verizon and AT&T. Verizon? Really? They hate WebOS (always have) and now that they have their iphone, they don't care about anything else.
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    we waited for so long time. and now?
    that's bull****.
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    It's not an earthquake exactly, but it's a big bummer.

    Two promises broken. No flash - no update.

    They have to learn the hard way really...1 Billion $ dumped into a system that no one will buy because there is no long term support.

    Leo Apotheker said recently the new devices will be available in short time after today...

    3rd lie...

    If I hadn't received the pre 2 by now I would be fuming and going ANDROID.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rfrusso View Post
    Hp just drove the final nail into the coffin. I'm moving to an android phone when I get my re-up upgrade. This OS has been stagnant since it's release. Meanwhile Android and the Iphone have been duking it out. I'm not going to spend another 2 years committed to a phone that is dieing a slow death. No flash, no sling box, no HULU, no Netflix, no app to my bank... just NOTHING useful any more.
    no one cares. Their is always room for innovation and frankly, i think we were shown that today. I've waited this long, i can wait a couple more months.
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    I just hope that palm at least allows us to doctor to 2.0 or SOMETHING.
    my pixi needs loveee and they promised it to us, even on their website!
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    will the 2.x doctors also require carrier approval and release?
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    I've had the ability since last fall to update my Pre minus to an iPhone on my corporate account...and I guess that's where I'm going to go (most likely wait for iPhone5 on VZW). If this is true it really is a slap in the face to those who supported webOS from the beginning.

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    Another liar company. I think i will buy an android phone. I will not buy another pay app. Thanks HP
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    Tabar.... in french that's not very beautiful!!

    They said that WebOS 2.0 will be on all older phones in the coming months and now they change, for me too, that's the end
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    Take me to the Doctor!

    I am still happy with my classic Pre, I'll give it some more months or maybe a year until I think about a new one. But I will really keep an eye on what HP is doing. The lies about Flash and webOS 2 really changed my point of view so far and so I will think a bit longer if I don't switch to a competitor.
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    Tweet this (or something like it). At least let HP know they're screwing with people. A lot of time these 'decisions' aren't thought out and kill brand loyalty.

    What little credibility #Palm had as a brand, #HP squashed it
    Palm M100 => Treo 755P => Treo 800w => Treo 755p => Palm Pre => No more Palm/HP products
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