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    Sorry guys but when it comes down to it...

    You trust the manufacturer of the product over anyone else any-day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon no h View Post the coming months. haha
    2.0 Dr. Is fine by me. I would have done that with such a big update anyway. Like it said. No OTA update does not mean no update.

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    Here you go again

    has been updated to include Lisa Brewsters remark

    I am starting to feel better about this, anybody else?
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    I feel like if Palm doesn't want to offer an update to devices that they feel are too old, they should offer everyone who is interested and has a Pre -+ a deeply, deeply discounted Pre2. Think 50 bucks. They're never gonna sell them otherwise.
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    HP has just made up the minds of a huge part of its base - and that decision is to move on to other OS's.

    Goodbye Palm, hello Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stirling View Post
    from Twitter:
    Adora Lisa Brewster
    Guys, no OTA for legacy devices does NOT necessarily mean you're never getting 2.0. We're still working to do right by you.
    PALM made the promise to upgrade us to 2.0. Did you see ANY PALM logos today? Nope. Palm is gone along with whatever promises they made us apparently.

    Ms. Brewster - If you are telling us Web OS 2.0 can be loaded by a means other than OTA, then you are telling us that it works on our legacy devices. Since we know it works on legacy devices, then it can be installed OTA - but you just don't want to. Why? Because you want to sell brand new Pre 3 phones. And BTW, we already KNOW our devices can run 2.0 so you are LYING TO SELL NEW PHONES.

    A shame, because most of us would've bought the new Pre 3 rather than upgrade our current phones. Now a lot of us will not buy one just on principle.
    And to think I was feeling guilty about merely considering changing platforms.

    "Lies, lies, we don't believe a word you say!" - some stupid old cat commercial
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    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    I'm planning on buying a Windows tablet from Asus and an HTC EVO. For all its hype, HP hasn't shown any evidence it cares about the community who supported WebOS for over a year and a half. I was disgusted when I received an email "Announcing three all-new devices" from a sender called "HP webOS Newsletters." I could care less about products that won't come to market for months. Where the h_ll is webOS 2.0 and Flash support for my PALM Pre. They can stick their HP Pre3 where the sun don't shine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    I want to laugh but this really sucks for anyone still on a legacy Palm device.
    A handset barely a year old and still for sale "new" by AT&T shouldn't be considered a "legacy" device. They need to support it if they still sell it. I'm sitting here with a Palm Pre Plus basically guaranteed to not get webOS 2.x for at least the "coming months" if ever over webOS Doctor.
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    I'd love a trade-in program. We can trade in our "hanging on by a thread" devices for a discount on these new devices. They can see all of our cracks, malfunctioning buttons and loose batteries and see if they can scrounge ANY use out of them.

    Honestly, the Motorola Atrix looks fantastic now anyway. Bye, Webos.
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    I switched from blackberry FOR THIS? I dont know whats up with them. Apple supported the iPhone LONG after it was..."outdated" Their current palm devices are no where near as out dated as the iPhone 2g was when it stopped getting updates. Im not saying I like apple, but that is good business from a strategic standpoint, +2 for apple -3 for HP/Palm. For this reason alone. I will go back to blackberry. Good one guys, you hath lost another one.
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    Seriously? The ship has sailed. I'm sick of the waiting game. HP missed the mark today. Your empty promise brings no comfort. We've heard it all before, and it's too little, too late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    Sorry guys but when it comes down to it...

    You trust the manufacturer of the product over anyone else any-day.
    I totally agree, HP need to address this very soon, an explanation would be nice!
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    Go to Hell HP. Thank you Verizon for making me a PROUD, new owner of a iPhone. I hope HP goes down in flames, nobody is going to buy your 'has-been' products anyway. **** people off, that will get you more customers... idiots.
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    Talk about missing the ship. The HP CEO said just a few days ago that HP would be shipping things within a few weeks after making announcements. If Summer is in just a few weeks than he must be one hell of groundhog to predict a WAY early Summer.

    And now that we see what their CEO meant by, "weeks", I can without a doubt tell you that a promise of some non-OTA upgrade means, "NEVER!!"
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    OK so it could be a misunderstanding
    Twitter / Lisa Brewster: Guys, no OTA for legacy de ...

    Question is: WHEN?
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    I think I might jump out my second story window if I read anymore of this thread.


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    Quote Originally Posted by beastobadness View Post

    I am starting to feel better about this, anybody else?
    yup. a little.

    I understand the "we've been misled" argument, and I'm right there with everyone. BUT it's old hardware, pre3 is the future. I get it. I remember the 1st iphone people upset when the 3G came out, and the 3G got axed from some iphone4 features. this is just reality in tech.

    what worries me more is our reaction. if devs bail cuz they can't sell anything till summer cuz no one has 2.0 cuz NO ONE is gonna buy a pre2, then we're in trouble.

    maybe I'm mistaken but I recall hearing there'd be a new phone every 2 months. if true there's plenty of time for a 4" slab to be unveiled before black friday.

    I Got a verizon pre+ a little over a year ago, I can't upgrade till september. but I've been holding off (till today) on buying some apps I want cuz I wanted to see where webOS was going. I'm overall pleased with what I saw and wanna stick with it. but I've noticed the lack of new patches, and some new 2.0 only apps...and I just dunno how they expect to get thru this drought between now and summer if the only thing with stuff coming out is 2.0 and the vast majority of users dont have it and can't get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vladi View Post
    OK so it could be a misunderstanding
    Twitter / Lisa Brewster: Guys, no OTA for legacy de ...

    Question is: WHEN?
    Now that we see what their CEO meant by, "shipping in weeks after our announcement", I can without a doubt tell you that the WHEN of some non-OTA upgrade means, "NEVER!!"
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    well, that ices it for me - droid, here I come. What an idiotic move. Maybe HP really doesn't want current Pre owners because we'll scare away all their new business
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    Im impressed with the things that are coming, however as the majority here in this thread, we were expecting announcements around OTA, I have to say. I really like the device, I really like the freedom of choices that it provides me. And until the arrival of Web 2.0 I really enjoyed uptaking new and improved OS releases.

    Without having all the technical details, my impression is that WebOS 2.0 can be installed on all versions of Pre, plus it would be easier to maintain from the infrastructure perspective. Hopefully this massive virtual protest can help to re-think about this decision to Palm.

    Also Im almost positive that carriers play a big role in this decision so I also suggest to push the carriers as well.

    We want WebOS 2.0 on ALL Palm Pres!!

    Think Beyond HP

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