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    This is terrible! I can't believe HPalm would do this to their loyal users. I'm very tempted by some of the products announced today, but disappointed by the "No OTA updates" announcement. And go figure...for the online updates, they will be available "in the coming months".
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    That's the last straw. I bought my pre+ with the belief that I would be getting future upgrades of webos. I followed the news with HPalm making it sound as if an update was on the horizon. And now, buried in news of the future, is news cutting off the past. If I wanted a device with little upgrade path in the future, I'd buy an old android phone. This company has become a bad joke. I lost all faith. If I were to purchase a Pre3, why would I have any reasonable expectations of future Webos upgrades?

    The tide has turned for me. Although webos is a good OS, being a year behind in hardware, no 4g rumors, much less fact, having relatively few apps and doubts about the future update path lead me nowhere else but Android.

    I am most disappointed that, despite having backing from HP for a year now, that the same problems keep recurring.
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    Pretty ****ed off right about now. I'd be less ****ed if they hadn't previously announced that the update was "coming soon".

    Segmenting your userbase is not a good way to grow developer support. Now any devs that use the new framework or webOS APIs shut the door on all Pre/Pixi users.
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    actually, i already decided i would pass on the 2.0 update on my pre plus. given the amount of "patching" i have done to my phone and the current lack of compatibility with 2.0 with those patches, i think ill just wait for the pre 3. i like hiding my dock and keeping my screen clean of the just type box that i would have to accept on 2.0.
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    I'm removing from my news feeds. Love the work the staff puts out but with the new tablet and Pre3 I wasn't impressed.

    Palm let us down. WebOS had potential but doesn't give me any added features that the other current phones already support. 'Stacked' cards are not a selling point for anyone that I know.

    I'd be more inclined to use a Palm Treo than any of the WebOS crap out now...
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    stupid that it won't be over the air updates but we will still be able to do it via the dr, right?????

    Now the question will be is it worth staying with sprint? How long till something comes to them. Since that is where the original came out on!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    The only reason i hadn't thrown my old Pre away was to play around with updates. Oh well...
    Me too! I've been holding on to mine to play with 2.0...
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    My update on Sprint is coming up this summer. I guess it's Android time.
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    Quite disappointing
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    What a complete let-down! I was really looking forward to a proper voice-record app, and the option of a chromatic tuner... I still love my Pre +, but since I just got it 3 months ago, and am locked into a 2-year contract. Thanks a bunch, HP. They really weren't thinking about existing Pre owners with this choice.
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    That's a good way for HP to build customer loyalty.
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    Okay, after I heard the "summer" release of Pre 3, I was at first pretty enraged. Then I thought, well I'll still get 2.x on my Pre before that and that would be a welcome change.

    But, now... ***?? What are they thinking?? I'm going to be stuck with the current iteration of webOS till june, july, or august and even at that time, I'm not sure it'll come to Sprint.

    I am all kinds of upset right now.
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    I'm keeping my five month old Unlocked Pre Plus for now, but those doctor-based updates had better be good. I'm not sure how a phone I bought less than six months ago could feasibly qualify as "legacy", but if they don't get around to a doctor based update, I'm going to... Golly, I have no clue what I'll do. I mean, I could go to Android, but it's got crappy design, I'm done with Apple because of their total and absolute lack of openness, Microsoft isn't even an option for me, ever, Bada is ridiculous, Meego is headed nowhere, I've already tried and given up on Maemo, SHR is developed at snail-pace, a Treo would probably mean I'd lose a couple neat features... I guess that means Android, with Cyanogenmod, but still, I'm really hoping for those 2.x doctors..
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    I have a pixi plus and love the form factor, in my job i get sand in any slider and it chews it up in 3 months. With them killing the no slider form factor and not updating the pixi i may have to go to a motorola droid pro. Ick. Bad idea.
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    so sad for real.well this really has all palm loyalist left out
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    can we just use the 2.0 Doctor?
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    Hp just drove the final nail into the coffin. I'm moving to an android phone when I get my re-up upgrade. This OS has been stagnant since it's release. Meanwhile Android and the Iphone have been duking it out. I'm not going to spend another 2 years committed to a phone that is dieing a slow death. No flash, no sling box, no HULU, no Netflix, no app to my bank... just NOTHING useful any more.
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    So that made my chose for me. Ditch the pre and head over to Android world. Hello EVO.... Was a little disappointed in the Pre3 but I would have got it if it was I can get it in a week or so, but with no firm date no thanks.
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    I hope it will come via webOS Doctor or something like that. If really nothing will come, than: Goodbye, HP and goodbye loved webOS. Maybe forever. If I don't buy a Pre 3 and/or a TouchPad.
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