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    One of the first Android (HTC magic) today continues to receive updates from HTC. Among other reasons, this is one more to understand why Android is taking much of the market ... That's called taking care of its users.
    Should learn.
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    The one thing I was really looking forward to was webOS 2.x on my Pre+. Why would I want to buy a Pre 2, 3 or a tablet when they have set a precedent for abandoning support for old hardware? Their word means very little now. They have a dwindling market share, few apps, lack of updates, and really lousy tech support. I think I will abandon ship when I'm due for an upgrade.
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    I feel sorry for germboy. Going to HP Palm just as they abandon his old buddies.

    Can't be very pleasant.
    Pilot Prō --> M100 --> Trēō 600 --> Trēō 700p -- > Prē
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    What a joke, a pre 3. Is that all the best you can come out with what a waste. Lucky for me that i will no longer buy any of your phones nor pads or whatever you choose call them.

    You guys need to wake up and look around you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    can someone confirm that we are just not getting OTA 2.0 (i mean it will still be available by a webos doctor I hope right??).

    someone owning an Iphone pls clarify - iphones don't have OTA anyway, they all have to be connected via cable to itunes for an update right? So this if avilable by a webos 2.0 doctor, would be a similar situation????????????????
    I hope?
    Yes, iPhone user have to plug their phones into a computer and use itunes to get updates. IF this is true, we will be doing pretty much the same thing. Its too soon to tell if its true though.
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    Wow...Sprint Pre- guy here...first, no Flash, then no new hardware in the next few weeks as my Pre- is on its last legs, then no OTA 2.0...this seems like a job for PALLLLLLLM guy....
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    This is a slap in the face. I remember running out to buy the new Palm Pre when it first came out. I had been an original PalmPilot user and progressed from there, even had the Palm Universal (anyone remember that one). Anyway, when the PalmPre with WebOS came out, I thought, they were always innovative, let me jump ship (I had an Apple at the time and did not like the "closed" environment).

    I was loyal to them, HP, please be loyal to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppp2 View Post
    This is EXACTLY why many of the talents recently left HPalm. They saw this coming and realized how dumb HPalm is. I've said it months ago on these boards - when good people start jumping ship it's time to worry. Not good news coming.
    Ray, I too was thinking that something was going to change course from the current Palm path with its users. This now makes sense to me. In a way, I am sympathetic because Palm failed and I see that HP needed to "veer" into a different path for success. I see also that there is precedent from others in the market--ie Android--for not upgrading wirelessly the old phones.

    On the other hand, I feel that great companies do not abandon their current loyal customers. We had precedent for believing that we were going to get the upgrade over-the-air as before. Moreover, HP should have today given us the news and a desktop alternative. Otherwise it looks as though they used us to grow momentum for their new products and then cast us aside.
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    I almost bought HP stock yesterday but something stopped me at the last minute. Now I'm glad I didn't. Way to stick it to your base supporters HP. Without their base supporters who were mostly guaranteed to upgrade to the Pre3, HP will have a real tough time marketing to the sheeple and making any headway against apple. What HP really needs to do now is spend some enormous $ on marketing. If what they did today is the best their marketing could do then they have almost no chance.

    I'm a Sprint pre minus user and feel abandoned again. I've used PalmOS devices since 1998. With TLC I might make it until this summer but so what? Is Sprint gonna play?

    Maybe I'll just bow out of the whole $160/mo smart phone BS and just go for a prepaid no feature phone that only makes calls and go back to my PalmVx that has worked non-stop for over 10 years. Bleh...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    Yes, iPhone user have to plug their phones into a computer and use itunes to get updates. IF this is true, we will be doing pretty much the same thing. Its too soon to tell if its true though.

    this works for me. You wouldn't do a "upgrade" of windows vista to win7. Same way. 1.x was vista. Time to do a clean install via webos doctor. Totally cool with that and prob. be more stable.

    what isn't clear is if they even plan on releasing a doctor. If no doctor, that would really suck and not make sense since we've already seen leaked doctors that do exist.

    Hopefully just means no OTA. Probably for the best if such a huge update
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    Palm Pre Phone - Features, Details, Reviews : Palm Canada
    The CA Palm website still says that the WebOS 2.0 update is coming for the Bell Pre.
    Perhaps they just haven't got around to changing it or do you think it'll actually come?
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    Dear have lost me as a possible future client....I will be jumping ship and joining the apple ****** camp...I hate it i really do..I love webOS...but you leave me no other choice...I feel like crying cuz i really did love were my first OS-love and will always hold a place close to my heart....but its over...time to pack all my data bags and head out that door....this is goodbye....Jose
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    hey webos internals maybe could create some preware magic to bring us 2.0? We're lucky to have such tech geeks that they might make it happen? I'd pay $$
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    The Pre and WebOS is a dead end. I don't like saying it, but I really do believe it's true. So, I'm not investing another dime in my current Pre and I won't be upgrading to either the Pre 3 or the Touchpad. HP makes crappy PCs anyway, so why should I expect them to do anything credible with WebOS.

    Android, Windows Phone 7 or (least likely) Apple iPhone, here I come!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRock View Post
    I think PreCentral is misinforming everybody with that post. What HP is saying on that post is that the WebOS 2.0 update will be available as a download and install using a USB cable instead of OTA (Over the air) Why is everybody making such big deal about it? I don't get it.
    I'm making a big deal about it because:
    -HPalm never promised a non-OTA update to WebOS 2.x
    -HPalm said any update path will not be for every device (will Sprint, Vz or ATT not get a non-OTA update)
    -No matter what HPalm says, I no longer believe them. Flash is still unavailable, despite promises it would be available over a year ago.
    -When HPalm says "in the coming months" it should read "in the coming years"
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    I'm surprised to see so many people complaining about the wait for web os 2 and writing they'll leave Hp for any other platform.

    Doesn't webos 1.4.5 work ? doesn't it have a lot of nice patches and a brilliant homebrew community ?
    What's the hurry to have webos 2 and be disappointed to see all your patches gone ?

    I'll keep on with my Pre Plus until end of contract, and probably several months more. Then, I may switch to another Webos device. WebOs is so good that I won't leave it just because of a small disapointment.
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    Hp i know you guys read this please give clarification!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    From a developer standpoint we now have ZERO phones that will support the new 2.0 apps... can't be that many Pre2's out there..... and MoJo will soon be phased out. So no SDK available to the public for 2.0.

    So right now NO APPS are being written and we won't see a phone till June or July.
    Don't forget we just lost a good chunk of the installed user base for 1.x who would otherwise have bought later upgrades because of them being ****ed off by crap like this. Losing some of the most hardcore enthusiasts who act as evangelists for the system and apps hurts. Nice going there HP. iPhone/Android, here I come.
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    my 2 cents

    when you treat a child like hppalm treats us, it will develop very badly.

    we are no children and webos still is the best phone os around (even 1.4) but there is more to it. there is this true and loving user and fan base upon a lot of the success of webos is based (i.e. homebrew!).

    i wanted to (and probably will) buy a new palm (errh hp *sigh* ) device anyway (well and i planned to do it errh now *sigh again* but


    as i swallow.

    of course the strategy is to make more peoply buy new devices but i think it will be more like less people will by new devices now because of that bad taste.

    i bet a lot of you out there were looking forward to install 2.0 NOW and ALSO buy a new device later anyway.
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    Disappointed is an understatement!!

    This is a definite slap in the face to all of the loyal users that have been on-board with the Pre from the beginning. Yes, it is time to start evaluating the Android phones. Homebrew has kept me happy until this point. Thanks to all of you "brewers" but there is now nothing to look forward too.

    As good-looking as the Touchpad is we'll see how many apps they have available by launch date. This could be another rehash of the whole Pre launch - a product with very few applications or infrastructure to support it.

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