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    Really angry and upset. I feel cheated.

    He hoped that update for months and was willing to remain loyal to Palm, but I see that now with HP, the only thing they care about is money: you can buy pre morning our palm 3. Incredible.
    I think I'll say goodbye to hp.
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    Haha, hat aber wirklich Recht!
    what the hell? i was waiting for this update for more than 6 months -_-
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    As if. I liked the new phones that they displayed today but no way in hell am I shelling out however much they are going to cost in however many months they are going to come out when the market has already been taken over by more powerful android devices.
    Is there any way for us to, er, express our frustration directly to HP?
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    God damn it.
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    Having just bought a DM1Z and excited to get a tab "soon" so all my gadgets play nice. Not happy with HP and will be gone "in the coming months". Totally disappointed.
    Palm IIIxe, Handspring Prism, Sony CLie, Tapwave Zodiac, AT&T Centro, Palm Pre Plus (AT&T), HP Touchpad-32, HP Veer, Samsung Galaxy Note (Sigh).
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    Great, just great.

    No updates, and another half a year wait for the Pre 3. Given their track record, I'll assume that the Pre 3 is as far away as Duke Nukem forever...

    Plus all the crap that Sprint has now (Dual screen what?).

    I don't like iOS, and hate Android. Guess it's time to go back to dumb phones. At least I save at least $40+ in monthly payments, and none of them does the oreo.
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    I hope we don't have to wait until the new devices drop for the update. Actually, maybe I could wait until the Veer comes in ''early spring''.

    But later?

    I hope, that the update will come. And even if it won't come tomorrow or something, I hope, HP will give us a release date. If the update will come in any way.
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    I am mad as ____ and I am not going to take it anymore!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brgokey View Post
    So, I stood in line on June 6 two years ago and the thanks we get is "screw you".
    Well, I guess the EVO iphone or something else is in my near future. Thanks Dieter for all your good work. If it were not for the Homebrew apps, I would have dumped this a long time ago.
    My sentiments exactly. I was actually pretty excited about the Pre 3 and the Touchpad. I really had no plans for a tablet but the presentation today got me excited about the possibilities. Finding out that my Day 1 Pre won't get an update really ticks me off. I am very tempted to jump ship to Evo now.
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    Someone already mentioned it... But I sure hope the developers at tonight's developer meeting call them on this and get more explanation of what is really going on here
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    To be honest I was really excited for the news today, but the truth is behind all the fanfare was more "promises" made by palm about the future. It is almost like todays announcement's sole purpose was to announce that we will know more soon. I have been with palm before webos was even a glimmer in their eyes, but lately it seems that they are fighting a losing battle, especially with their own customers. I really never thought the day would come when I became one of the many jumping off ship, but who knows maybe i will become a palm fan "in the coming months" but the iphone and the evo sure seem to be a much better choice...
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    wow, that really stinks and after having high hopes for webos today it looks like I might actually have to switch to android. Why not launch different form factors (ie. candy bar and not sliders) that obviously are selling like hot cakes. I thought palm would have learned its lesson with the original pre that it makes for horrible build quality and yet here they are again with the same phone. What a waste . I'm pretty sure I remember a guarantee that the original pre would get 2.0. Not cool HP.
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    Yep, very disappointed with this. 2.0 had some nice features. Heck, I don't care if it's not OTA, at least give me a Dr NOW, not in coming months. Pretty poor PRPRPR $move$ $by$ $HP$&$gt$;

    I'm eligible for a replacement phone on VZW and although I doubt I'd get a iphone, I might look at android. And I've had a Palm phone since the Treo 600.
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    I wonder what tonights event is going to be like with all these mixed feelings going around. They better give us some good news tonight.
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    Mannnnn I'm really dissapointed with this!
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    wonach muss man doch in google suchen um eine geleckte aktualisierung zu bekommen
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    I am not surprised about this.

    I've been a loyal Palm user from the Pilot, Tungsten, Treo, through Pre. My Pre's usb port broke a pin, and I purchase another NEW one three weeks ago. My Pre barely lasted a year!

    The sales people at Sprint even advised me NOT to buy another one since a new one is coming and Sprint will not sell anymore.

    Last month on HP's Pre site, HP had a promo on "free" Palm Pre...just sign a two year contract with Sprint. An independent Third party company from India was doing it for HP. I turned it down since they wanted my social security number. This is in addition to my credit card.

    WHY CAN'T I HAVE WebOS 2.0? Is this another HP corporate "profit is the bottom line"?

    That's why I turned down a job at HP when I got out of college some 40 years ago! Poor work conditions and customer treatment! .. most of my buddies worked at Intel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    I wonder what tonights event is going to be like with all these mixed feelings going around. They better give us some good news tonight.
    can someone confirm that we are just not getting OTA 2.0 (i mean it will still be available by a webos doctor I hope right??).

    someone owning an Iphone pls clarify - iphones don't have OTA anyway, they all have to be connected via cable to itunes for an update right? So this if avilable by a webos 2.0 doctor, would be a similar situation????????????????
    I hope?
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    From a developer standpoint we now have ZERO phones that will support the new 2.0 apps... can't be that many Pre2's out there..... and MoJo will soon be phased out. So no SDK available to the public for 2.0.

    So right now NO APPS are being written and we won't see a phone till June or July.

    I'm seriously considering just getting a good ol blackberry for phone, txt, email only (cheaper a month) ... and a iPod Touch for all other things i need to bs with.

    HP just hit the reset button... and as far as i'm concerned only C++ apps and OpenGL(iPhone ones) are the only ones that are OK... because they were written on a solid language... I have a feeling that in a year or 2... they will redo everything again for a more solid language... and reset everything again.

    BUT this could just mean that HP is just sick of the carriers and their testing and will issue the updates themselves and this whole thread is for nothing...

    Who knows anymore... i'm going to look up blackberries with webkit...
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    Sending Twitter messages to @palm:

    Dear @palm, your decision not to release OTA updates for existing devices has just lost you hundreds of loyal webOS fans and developers.

    Retweet/say something similar if you feel the same way. Also linking them to this webpage.

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