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    Quote Originally Posted by dint56 View Post
    Well it will be interesting Developer "Party" tonight then! LOL
    Any developers attending who read this, make sure to give them hell.
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    I'm done *punts pre*
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    Well this is more bad news. I may or may not be able to update my Sprint Pre but Sprint is even mentioned in the code, just AT&T and Verizon. The only thing that has kept me going is the great work at PreCentral and the hope for the next great update. Looks like hope is lost....
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    Quote Originally Posted by innocentbystander View Post
    Wellll... who wants a leaked rom?? =P
    Verizon or just Sprint?
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    Not sure. There's a GSM one and a CDMA one. Just google 'em...
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    I was up for an upgrade since august and have been riding this "wait to see what HP has brewing" train ride as well. WOW AM I DISAPPOINTED. Now they're pretty much telling us that my sprint pre isn't going to be upgraded or have flash like stated in the past. LeSigh

    I guess my only option really is to go android like many others. No apple or windows mobile for me, I'm disappointed because I love the multitasking but the hardware is HORRIBLE. If I try to stay with this phone any longer I'm just asking for it to fall apart because of its instability.
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    Really we do have a right to be pretty annoyed by this news - we love WebOS, but we're always looking at the rapid pace at which Android features come and the greater number of application options iOS (and Android) has, and we are fed these expectations of what's to come. Flash was promised for our device, so for some of us, that was a selling point. If Flash wasn't on the table at the time I bought my Pre Plus, I can say it wouldn't have been as enticing to me. At the time, nobody had flash on their devices.

    Then with the promise of WebOS 2.x, if they were going to not support legacy devices they should have said so, or not said anything until the Pre 2 was released. They give us these kernels of hope that we're about to get something new on our phones, and then they don't give it to us. It's just a matter of really bad expectation setting, and that's real reason many of us are annoyed. We had our hopes up and we've been patiently waiting in comparison to Android users, who get the massive support of Google and all the many beta features they have ongoing.

    Android is going to be more like WebOS soon enough, so without customer loyalty there will be less to keep some of us with the Pre line.

    Class action lawsuits are not about making money back for the individual per se -- more to give the corporations a message that they should manage their customer expectations better. It does border on false advertising I have to say!
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    I agree. I've had from Pre since the beginning and I figured that HP would recognize the folks sticking around and waiting.
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    Got screwed on the 700p (extremely buggy), Pre (crap hardware), Pre+ (crap hardware) and in each case I kept listening to their lies about 'things will get better.' But today's presentation was not spectacular at all. Then to add this on top of it, I'll definitely be taking my business somewhere else. This just isn't a way to keep customers and it seems like Palm/HP doesn't care about us anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkinzler View Post
    It's been 5 month then they told us the same for OTA.

    P.S: Sei froh, dass man hier offensichtlich kein deutsch versteht!
    Und ob man hier Deutsch versteht.

    I really can't believe it. No OTA is okay, but the update has to come. They promised as the update. Do they really think, everyone would buy a new HP device just for the new software?!?!?!?!

    I'm going to bed, it's late here in Germany. I hope, when I wake up, I can update my Pre-.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SalvatoreCostello View Post
    To everyone that is ready to jump on the android train because of this, most users of android phones have this same problem update after update. Only Apple has been really good about giving their OS updates to older devices.

    People, you wanna be mad at HP/Palm for "lying" to you, fine. You're mad enough to jump to another platform, fine.

    Don't jump to a platform where the same exact thing happens all the time. Android is NOTORIOUS for this. Motorola, in fact, just last week came out an admitted that their promised Android update for the CLIQ has been canceled. That's only the latest in a long line of broken promises from many Android manufacturers.

    If you're angry, then be angry. Don't be stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    Isn't one of the benefits of webOS its OTA updates? This negates that convenience.

    But the main reason I'm upset is the constant delaying of the webOS 2.x release. It started with a "Fall 2010" release and now it's become "in the coming months some devices may get a non-OTA upgrade path". If I had a hard release date for the upgrade path, I would feel a little better about this.
    I understand your anger, seeing as you're one of the really dedicated devs who really puts time and effort into his app, knowing that the money will pay for the work. Now you're being shot down. Hopefully 1.4.5 users can get 2.0 an easy way. I have a feeling that it won't be a typical webOS doctor, but it'll be a user friendly way to update, and HP will give a simple "Push this and then you're done" button.
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    The worst part is no webOS 2.1 to hold us down till the new devices drop.

    As a sprint user, honestly, your head must be stuck in the clouds or you drank too much Palm kool-aid to want to stick with this platform now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRock View Post
    I think PreCentral is misinforming everybody with that post. What HP is saying on that post is that the WebOS 2.0 update will be available as a download and install using a USB cable instead of OTA (Over the air) Why is everybody making such big deal about it? I don't get it.
    I truly hope you are right, I am so <<deleted by mod>> disappointed by this I have resisted switching this whole time and now HP does this???
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    Quote Originally Posted by innocentbystander View Post
    Not sure. There's a GSM one and a CDMA one. Just google 'em...
    i got one but i didn't want to use it cause i don't think i can overclock it yet to make it usable. but i'm not well versed in these things.
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    This is probably their way of separating the Pixi devices from the Pre devices. They did say it depended on the device. Pixi isn't webOS 2.0 capable, in that it can't support Flash (which is compiled form ARMv7). They probably don't want to have to develop a nuked Flash-less 2.0 so they are finding a way to drop the Pixi.

    Plus this way they can also gauge the consumer response to webOS 2.0. What better way to see who is excited for something, than to see who is let down. It's obviously terrible business practice but it wouldn't surprise me.

    I would be surprised if we didn't see Pre and Pre Plus doctors. They support all the features of 2.0, there is no legitimate reason to skip the Pre and the Pre Plus.

    Even if they don't release doctors, the community will release their own doctor. There is no way the community would take that sitting down. Some of us are already using 2.0 doctors. I'm not going to lie, if it comes to that, I'll use a 2.0 doctor. I literally JUST bought my Pre, I bought it used on ebay, but I did buy a Pre with the intention of getting 2.0. I will have my Flash dammit >.>
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    This not only hurts the users, it's hurts the developers too. A lot of developers have been working on apps and updates to existing apps that rely on 2.0. Now these can only be released to a very small Pre 2.0 audience. The developers got suckered into developing for future device owners without a means to sell to the existing market.
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    so is this the hp suicide no 2.0 for existing devices and no 2.0 phones in the coming months plus liars everywhere, what a mad developer would be using this platform... this is just ridiculous
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    So in my 13 months of pre ownership I'm still waiting for Flash, lived with an anemic app catalog, have watched my phone deteriorate unlike any other gadget I've ever owned (no power button, randomly powers off, screen scratches if I look too hard at it, too too many card messages and that god damned oreo twist...) and now no update to the OS that was going to make it all (sort of) worth it?

    Screw you HPalm!

    Your new stuff looks good, but if I'm going to have to put up with being disrespected and disregarded by a tech company I'll go with Apple. At least their unsupported outdated products work.
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    I'm heavily disappointed in HP and Palm's announcements today. Not only was I hoping to see a slew of new smartphones in their lineup rather than just the upgraded Pre 3 and the "teen phone" Veer, but I was also hoping that February 9th would also yield the 2.x upgrade we've been waiting "the coming months" for. No such luck, I see, nor will we see one at all.

    I just recently purchased a Dell laptop as I was extremely hesitant to buy any HP products due to my experience with them via Palm and with my very first desktop computer that died years ago. Good to know that this sealed the deal, and come my first upgrade with Verizon, I can easily say that either Apple or Android will be receiving my business instead. Which is truly a shame, seeing as the OS is easily the best part of these products.

    It's been fun gang.

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