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    People comparing this to Android's fragmentation aren't getting it.

    You can't even buy the pre-WebOS 2.0 devices through carriers any more. The Pre 2, and then the Veer and Preł will come out with WebOS 2.1, with the only major "split" being the modified version for tablets.

    Meanwhile some of the hottest Android phones are being sold with Android 2.1 or less this very second, when even 2.2 is on the verge of being replaced.
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    Well it will be interesting Developer "Party" tonight then! LOL
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    i want flashhhhhhh
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    I for one don't believe that 2.x will ever be available through webOS Doctor either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SalvatoreCostello View Post
    To everyone that is ready to jump on the android train because of this, most users of android phones have this same problem update after update. Only Apple has been really good about giving their OS updates to older devices.
    And even they eventually drop support for the older devices.
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    not overjoyed but i can live with my overclocked pre+ until my existing contract expires . . .then ????
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    I don't have time to read the whole thread, but I don't really see a problem with this. Most of you posting have played with the Dr. at least once. If they release a doctor for it, who cares?

    If they then have an upgrade path later for us legacy Pre owners, that's a bonus.

    As the front page mentioned, it wasn't technically feasible for an OTA update. It doesn't mention anywhere that our devices can't run 2.0

    Chill the hell out and wait to see what comes out of the woodwork. Sheesh.
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    i already have 2.0 (or 2.1? not quite sure, all i see is nova-barley in the device info and build 207)- i was more than happy to download the leaked doctor for my pre plus because I knew HP was toying with us. I was saying this months ago when 2.0 was first announced. HP is a company that will no longer have my business. when my contract expires im gone. thats "in the coming months". For now, ill stick with the beta leak on my phone, since it doesnt have the Verizon crippled aGPS in it and its fast, and surprisingly stable. So heres to you HP- thanks for ****ing that one up!
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    I wonder how much an off-contract VZW Pre 2 will cost? I will be calling Palm to complain until they give me a new phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeeeee View Post
    iPhone/iPod users update through iTunes, do they not? Why can't we for a seemingly big underlying OS change?
    Yup. Trust me, a LOT of people don't even know they can update their iPod/iPhone...

    My 2 cents: it is unacceptable not to have that OTA update promised a long time ago.
    I Grabed my pre (with an enormous rebate) this summer, and I already feel it is old and wanna change...

    The "coming months" doctor update will definitely come AFTER the Pre 3, which is disappointing.
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    I'm just FRAKIN speechless.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeeeee View Post
    iPhone/iPod users update through iTunes, do they not? Why can't we for a seemingly big underlying OS change?
    Isn't one of the benefits of webOS its OTA updates? This negates that convenience.

    But the main reason I'm upset is the constant delaying of the webOS 2.x release. It started with a "Fall 2010" release and now it's become "in the coming months some devices may get a non-OTA upgrade path". If I had a hard release date for the upgrade path, I would feel a little better about this.
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    Wellll... who wants a leaked rom?? =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKalb View Post
    This is the worst move HP could have made. The same people that voted WebOS the best OS out there are being slapped and toyed with.

    They even mentioned us in their presentation!

    HP: "Hey guys, thanks for voting for us. Now please wait a few months, maybe switch carriers, and buy our latest and greatest. Don't forget to vote next year!"
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    Is this the fastest thread ever?
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    As much as it makes me sad to hear this, I am still going to look at returning to webos down the line. Android is garbage and ios is even worse. My pre was stolen and I am currently on an android phone. Needless to say, I really hate it. Even with more aps, android is not very appealing to me. I seriously miss real multitasking
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andew View Post
    Yup. Trust me, a LOT of people don't even know they can update their iPod/iPhone...
    Do they never plug their devices in or something? iTunes is always happy to tell you when some new update is out to screw your jailbreak over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    And even they eventually drop support for the older devices.
    the problem is they've got 200 other new devices in differing formfactors and configurations to choose from. Not the same for webos.

    that wouldn't change my situation cause i'm not sticking with webos but for those that really like it but wanted a slab of more memory or a specific feature this could have tied them over. Interestingly, an update was really the only reason i kept checking precentral. mostly cause i wanted the new autocorrect dictionary. Curious as to how my interest in the platform will be going forward. Maybe at least from a business sense i'll have interest.
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    IF I can upgrade my Pre+ using my PC, Im fine with that.

    I don't understand Apotheker's mandate of not announcing devices unless they are ready to ship within weeks, a mere few days ago, and now finding out these devices wont be ready until Spring and Summer - that sounds like a complete communication breakdown internally at HP.

    But, having said the above, the devices do look good and powerful.
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    <<removed deleted post>>

    It's been 5 month then they told us the same for OTA.

    P.S: Sei froh, dass man hier offensichtlich kein deutsch versteht!
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