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    Exactly. The whole thing yesterday was about spreading webOS throughout the HP product line. They threw the phones in there just to have them as part of the product mix...
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    Remember Apple. They could give a rats behind about Microsoft and Windows. I think that putting another operating system into the mix by the worlds largest computer maker ups the game a little bit and puts the pressure on Microsoft to make their os better. As for google/chrome, their web app store is now online. They could care less about Microsoft and Windows as well. HP is just putting people on notice at this point...
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    Why would HP enter the OS space? Who are they competing against? What problems are they trying to solve? Do they want to take on MS? Are they ready to end their partnership with MS, walking away from favorable discounts on the OS?

    Are they going after Apple? Please tell me this is not just another example of HP trying to be Apple.

    Do they want to be the new Linux? The problem with being the new Linux is that the old Linux is still around.

    Do they want to compete with Chrome? Are they willing to give everything away for free and try to make money on advertising?

    There is no scenario I can think of that would cause this move to make sense. I don't think it is too early to start the HP death watch.
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