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    I'm as disappointed as can possibly be with the latest release of the up coming veer and pre 3.

    It appears HP will stick with the current pre form factor for awhile.

    IMHO there is NO WAY HP will gain traction with this current offering. I seriously doubt the tablet (or whatever they call it) will gain anything.

    I can't believe I've been hanging around this long for a new phone.
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    Can't believe I got myself caught up thinking the news devices would be released in weeks. Four to five months of more waiting. Just when we waited for another hp evenr they tell us that we need to wait some more. This is really annoying now.
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    Agree. To make a splash, they really would have needed to have devices ready to sell within two weeks, max. Rather than exciting the built-in fan base about what's to come, they've just spun us up with all of the hype for today's announcements, only to tell us we have to wait months.


    I feel like this was their last chance to truly impress, and by the time the hardware actually comes out, it will be too little, too late.
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    The hardware looks great, but the wait is not good.

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