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    I am not a programmer but just an average Joe who loves the user experience of webOS. However I do admit webOS in certain field is a bit lacking for eg the flexibility of customization (unless you Preware the webOS). I'm just after watching a review of Blackberry Torch 9800 and man .. the OS really impress me of how customizable the OS is out of the box. I like its flexibility to complete one task in a few different way. In my opinion an OS is a mature OS if it is customizable and flexible and Blackberry OS give me this vibe but nothing comparable to the potential of webOS.

    While thinking alone I have this idea if Hpalm could implement this in the future update of webOS, it will be super sweet. I bet my idea is doable.

    1) The ability to display widget
    Lets admit it, after looking at the Android OS and Blackberry OS, webOS in the long run will be a bit dull if the only home screen we have is the empty screen. Widget do make an OS fun and has loads of function and potential for programmers and users but the question is how do we implement this with the card view out at the front and swiping the screen will only swipe a card to another.

    In my opinion one of the best feature of webOS that none other smartphone has is the gesture area. If Hpalm carefully expand its potential, it will be limitless (almost). Just like the touchpad of Macbook.

    If you swipe the gesture area in a cardview nothing happen. We can use this to actually change the view from cardview to widget view. OR maybe simply "JustTilt" the phone in cardview will change the home screen. From the widgetview we can simply swipe the screen to change to another widgetview ie multiple home screen

    One of the thing that i miss about windows Mobile 5 (yes , I'm a convert from WM5) is the ability to display my next schedule from the calender in the home screen plus a few other thing which can be displayed at the home screen. Widget can make up for this function and loads of thing can be achieved ie feeders, email update, etc. Afterall webOS also support JAVA ( am i right?)

    The ability to set the cardview or widgetview screen as the default home screen will be an added bonus. eg pressing the home button in cardview will launch the default home screen.

    (p/s: JustTilt can also be expanded to scroll things, perform certain function etcc.. )

    2) The ability to minimize the cardview

    I do sometime want an app to run in a background eg the classic app which is very slow to load. But to have the classic open in the background is too obstructing and simply not clean.

    If we can "JustShake" to minimize and maximize the cardview it will be super sweet. Just implement it somehow the opened card is visible in minimized form.

    (I like the association of webOS with "JUST" to stress how simple it is to use webOS. Props to those whoever came up with "JustType")

    3) Copy and Paste

    This really need to be further developed so that the multitasking throne of webOS can be further upheld. Need to be able to copy and paste the web/ email.

    4) Gesture area potential

    If Hpalm play it right, the gesture area has so much potential. You can do loads of things that I don't even have to elaborate on and please make sure this is patented.

    Look at all the android phones, they look ugly because of all the four button down at the end of the screen. Not a slick design as webOS.

    5) Contact application

    I find that is hard to tell which number belongs to what contact if you were to delete a profile. For example sometimes we do have the same person with different contact number/ nickname that we associate with each other ie they fall under the same name. But if you were to delete a name/ number in the same profile there is no way to tell which number/name belong to which.

    2ndly, the facebook contact. Alot of people complaining the ability to choose which contact to sync with webOS from the facebook account. I think it is really easy to implement if webOS can recognise a tag of a contact and sync that particular contact to the app. For eg: all contacts in facebook tagged with webOS will be sync and not the whole thing.

    6) Youtube application

    I know Hpalm has been updating facebook app for tones of time but what about youtube app? Don't everyone think it has been left behind compared the app in iOS or android?

    7) Medical application support

    I know this is not applicable to everyone. Coming from palmOS which is a known platform to medical field I think it is too unfortunate if webOS is left behind. I really hope Hpalm will make an effort so the many medical application out there will be supported in webOS eg skyscape, Uptodate, epocrates (sobx3 ) etc. The market is huge out there and I think this is easily achieved since HP already a widely used brand among hospitals eg the printer, PCs

    So do you have any other suggestion which maybe more brilliant than mine? Let us all compile them here and just hope the Hpalm team would read this thread and maybe materialize them in the future webOS release. Together we will thrive. webOS for world domination

    off note : I'll take it if webOS in the hardware form of Blackberry torch 9800
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    You should be sure to send those to the feedback link on Palm's website. They need to hear from users that have good ideas.

    Except for #3... I may not be understanding your statement, but webOS does copy/paste well, although the tap sequence would be better if I didn't have to use the keyboard...
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    I just sent in this suggestion,

    "When I have two or more emails, I can only see the earliest email title on the notification area.

    I would like to be able to tap and hold that notification, drag up, and then there would be additional email notification messages on the screen.

    I could then see all the email subjects without opening the email app."
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    Ability to showcase two screens simultaneously (true simultasking) as with the palm pre hd mockup design contest winner, dlna, voice assistance as with the rumored iphone 5. Wish it was ported (or will be ported) to a wide variety of devices like car audio systems, tv, etc. making for a complete unified system. Imagine syncing your phone to just about anything or using just about anything with your profile stored in the cloud. Better awareness of OS and more partnerships with multiple vendors. Everyone knows what apps can do for a phone now showcase what Enyo can do for apps and how easy it is to make them.
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    When you power off your device and power it back on, there should be an option to "restore previously opened cards". It's that simple, whatever apps you had open when you shut down, you'd be able to have open back up upon power up. All it would take is for the apps to save state. BOOM!
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    Just submitted the suggestions. I have been looking for suggestion link in HP Palm website but couldnt find it. Thanks for the link btw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gguile View Post
    Just submitted the suggestions. I have been looking for suggestion link in HP Palm website but couldnt find it. Thanks for the link btw.
    For sure.
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    I always thought there should be a swipe down gesture. Instead of shaking like you suggested for minimizing, swiping down while in card view could keep the app open and minimize it to a drawer. Some other gesture can be used to see all active cards. This is similar to a task manager, except the user knows exactly what apps are open because he/she did the swipe gestures to place apps / close apps. Currently swiping down just maximizes the app – not that useful since tapping does the same thing.

    I think webOS 2.0 did away with the extended card view – the one where the apps are all zoomed out. I know there isn’t as much of a need of this with the advent of stacks, but with new devices coming out with more resolution there can be great use of seeing several cards open on the screen at one time.
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    Just submitted to palm regarding google cal and 3 mo barrier in 2.x.
    I can't deal with only having 3 mos of cal events. I need at least 12.

    Also, need to be able to swipe to change like the patch - it should be native to swipe whole gesture area to change to other open apps.
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    I would also love the idea of having widgets, that's the only thing i miss alot in webOS. Another idea of how they can implement it very easily: Just hold the gesture area pressed, press an open card and you can place the card as a widget. In this mode all other cards are transparent, so you can see all the screen. By this we are not restricted in seperate widgets, but can also use the existing apps as widgets. Also developer can code specialized apps that are just used as widgets.
    It's all about options, you haven't to use widgets, but you CAN if you want (and many of us want)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by e-gadget-guy View Post
    Also, need to be able to swipe to change like the patch - it should be native to swipe whole gesture area to change to other open apps.
    They already have this, if I am understanding you correctly. Open the Screen and Lock app and turn Switch Applications to ON.
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    jep this is a stock function, but i dont like it

    HP should build all common patches into webos2.0 (manuall app page control [4x4, 5x5,....], more options are always a good thing)
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    Be aware, if you make a suggestion and they decide to use it, they will NOT give you any credit or even a "Thank You". webOS 2 has implemented my suggestion exactly as described, but Palm has said nothing.
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    widgets wont work. the homescreen is only designed for open windows. if an window is open, you don't habe any possibility to interact with your wigets anymore, because they are overlapping.

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