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    i am looking for a webos update how-to. what i am looking for specifically:

    1. what you should have backed up on your phone (and how to do it) prior to a webos update to avoid loss of your data
    2. how to prevent (if possible) a webos update until you give the ok to do it (ideally i'd like the update to stage to my phone, but not install until i choose to do so)
    3. post-webos update recovery:
    a) how to get all your apps back
    b) how to get all your patches/tweaks back, and how to know if you still need them (maybe the new webos update includes the feature, or may not be compatible with the patch?)

    does someone have a good write-up on any of this?

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    i thought i saw something somewhere about an updater daemon that runs and controls the webos update process. is that right? shouldn't it be possible to create a wrapper to enable/disable that daemon based on user settings?

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