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    So, I've been a PNC Bank customer for more than 25 years. I do a lot on-line now. Their web interface is decent enough. They support a lot of mobile devices through apps...but not the Pre. But, I chekc the 'supported devices' list once in a while to see if Pre/WeboOS is on there. All this time, I never noticed something somewhat perturbing! Look at the device on the left in this screengab of their website!!!

    And, no, the Pre isn't on their supported device list!!!!! ! ! ! !

    To their defense, the mobile version of the website works ok though.
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    Well, it does say Mobile App & Web.
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    PNC is one of my banks as well, and I just use the regular page.
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    I really like the mobile PNC page. It works great on the page. Wish they had the feature where you could take a picture of a check to deposit it though. That would be great!!!
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    Apps are better but web access is usually adequate. For something like a bank, I'd prefer the app though. I use Thinkorswim brokerage and the lack of a useful app for the Pre is definitely frustrating.

    If 4G delivers, the lack of these mobile apps will be even more frustrating.
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    bank of america not to long ago came out with a app for webos and i could not believe it
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