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    I love webOS, but it is time to get a new phone that I can actually get 3G service in my area with. I've been researching the devices coming out this year, and the Motorola Atrix could be a game changer. Having a device that has a desktop and notebook dock is genius. How cool would it be NEVER to have to sync your laptop, desktop, and mobile device?

    My ultimate device would be a Palm Pre sized phone (running webOS of course) that docks into an, I mean a Topaz tablet, a notebook, or desktop dock.

    Now I know the processing power in small devices isn't quite there yet, but what if there were a way to combine the processing power of the docks and the phone? I think you could have a true alternative to the traditional computing paradigm.

    Hopefully someone at HP is already working this idea. Unfortunately I can't wait to see it come to fruition for my next device.
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    I sense a merge with "palm forsaken" and " should I return my evo"

    I've been wrong before though


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    let the merging mod stike !!!! Shazaaaaaaammmmmm !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    maybe not the right place to ask but can i enable sound on my keyboard
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    my keyboard makes a clicking sound by pressing the button, and best thing, it doesnt need the speaker for it.
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    I was excited about the atrix till I found out that the laptop dock cost $500 if you have an existing AT&T plan.

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