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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    . Palm has always delivered what I think Palm has promised,
    Back in the Day
    -Supported Tethering
    -Predictive Text/auto correct
    -More form factors

    -Voice Dialing and commands
    -More form factors
    -more devices using touchstone
    -APIs for microphone, camera
    -All of the cool stuff talked about at every chance before the pre came out, like automatically sending memo to the correct contacts when running late to a meeting.

    And before anyone says that flash and docs were not palms fault, Palm announced that they would be there, if not sure, should not have said it.

    Some of this will come with the Pre2 and future webos, but thats not how it was put out to everyone
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    "like automatically sending memo to the correct contacts when running late to a meeting" --your pre doesn't have that feature? Mine sure does, I know I've used it once or twice. It alerts the other meeting attendees.

    I can't believe that basically a week before major announcements from HP this is still being talked about. Just wait, be patient, read some webOS 2 reviews or something.

    webOS 2.1:
    - Flash: yup, it's there
    - Docs-to-Go: there's QuickOffice, which supports Google Docs, Dropbox,, and mobileme
    - Voice Dialing: yeah, though it's been really buggy for me but it's there (and 2.1 isn't released yet)
    - More Form factors: nothing confirmed or leaked here aside from tablets,
    - More devices using touchstone. Read about "touchstone v2". It's coming, soon.
    - API's for mic/camera --yup, they're there
    - Classic is going the way of the dodo. I'm sorry, but two years into a platform if there's some critical thing you still need Classic for, you better go stock up on Centros or something.
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