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    I am trying to make a task as easy as possible to add with an alarm that gets incorporate to the calendar.

    What I want to do:
    • add a task that needs to be done, with a due date/time
    • have that task be incorporated into the Calendar app
    • have that task retain an alarm for the due time, that occurs in the background like any other calendar event

    What I have tried:
    • Use the old homebrew Quick Event app - it will add a task into the Calendar just fine, but even though I set the default reminder at 5 minutes before (both in Quick Event and in Calendar, the event in the Calendar as an "undefined" reminder time). If I set the Quick Event reminder time none and leave the calendar at 5 minutes, then the event has NO reminder time in the calendar
    • Used Done! for Toodledo. Even though these tasks import fine into my Google Calendar, they do not retain the reminder time I set in the Done! app.
    • Used Notes and added a note in the Task category. I can add a reminder, and it will remind me, but only if I have the Notes app running all the time. It doesn't work in the background. When you are adding a reminder time you can tap the calendar icon and it will open the calendar app, but it's just like going straight into the calendar app and adding an event new and fresh. It does not incorporate your Notes, er, notes into the event. That saves no time.

    Anyone have a quick and easy solution for adding a task and having it automatically or easily incorporate into the Calendar app while KEEPING ITS REMINDER ALARM?

    Just curious. You'd think this would have been solved long ago.
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    I haven't found a good way to do this because the task app that comes with webOS is just too lame to be usable. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but I also believe that you don't want important stuff in your Palm profile and that's another reason not to use the webOS default app.

    I use outlook for everything and sync with Pocket Mirror - which comes with its own task app that works great with outlook. I've also found that using the gmail calendar for tasks is pretty good because it syncs with the webOS calendar, and it is set up to send me email and txt messages for appointment reminders. The downside of Pocket Mirror is that it is expensive, but it was worth it for my specific need.

    Have you checked out the various task mgmt apps in the catalog and in preware? Some are free, and some aren't. Some work in conjunction with a cloud service for access from a PC, and some don't. Many members have found the non-Palm task apps to be a good solution for them.

    While you are at it, be sure that you send Pam your suggestions for what you need (and why) so they will get buried in feature requests and finally address this in a future version of 2.x

    My $0.02
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    I WANT important stuff in my profile. Funny how different our objectives are. Anyway, if it's important enough, I just put a reminder in calendar as well. I wonder if 2.1 comes with any enhancements to tasks. hmmm. It may be possible to make a button that you can click to automatically populate the calendar with the task. If you put up money, maybe one of the homebrew devs will make it.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/

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