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    id get the "to many cards error" when i only had one card open. i powerd down and powerd up and when it came up, it gave me the enter profile but when i enter it, it wouldnt take it. and i lost the voice service( no signal) i was able to get to the dial pad but when i dialed any number a recording would come out saying i dindnt have any service and no carrier was mentioned. i did this a bunch but nothing. shut down then up and the screen came back, it came up a blue screen with clouds and at top it says phone error. below that, it says your phone is experiencing an error that cannot be resolved. and it stays there blinking.i cant do anything else. if i turn it off then on again, it goes back to the same error screen with a circle running in cirlces like searching for somrthing but going nowhere
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    For a Sprint Pre there is an actual MSL number, it's not just zeroes.

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    You'll need to call Sprint to get the MSL number, then re-reun the ##786# and put the MSL they give you in. That will get you back up and running.

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