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    First: this has taken months to track down. I started having the problem in August of 2010, and was too busy to fool with it, and I use my phone as a Systems Administrator. I ran out of time to continue troubleshooting it, and because I need my phone to work correctly I switched to blackberry. Things finally calmed down a few weeks ago so I went back to the pre to see what I could do.

    Device stops syncing incoming emails 'randomly' in the inbox. Subfolders will continue to sync, as will tasks, contacts, and calendar. You can send emails as well.

    No error reported on the device, in the event viewer for the Exchange server, or in the activesync logs.

    note: symptoms may be slightly different for you, these were the ones I was having

    Environment: Exchange 2003 SP2, webOS 1.4.5 (sprint pre)

    It looks like its related to sharepoint alerts. In my specific situation, we're using Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0. Not how many other versions of sharepoint have the same problem.

    If you have sharepoint configured to send emails to you, and you open the email on your pre, you will stop receiving future emails. All other functionality continues.

    1) don't open the email on your pre. during my testing that seemed to work fine, it was after you opened the email that the problems started. This may be because webOS doesn't download the entire message, just the header information, until you open it so the corruption doesn't occur until you open it. i haven't spent a whole lot of time testing this part of it - and wont. feel free to do so and update me if you do

    2) set up a rule in outlook that dumps sharepoint alerts to a subfolder. this will prevent it from showing up in your webOS device. do not open that sub folder on your device, and just understand that you cannot view those emails on your device.

    note about workarounds: if you accidently open the email, or if you want to troubleshoot the issue, you can delete the email from your pre (deleteing from outlook/webmail does NOT work) and it will start syncing again. I randomly had issues with the alert system not working when I did that and had to reboot the device to get it working again. Sometimes I'd get no alerts (banner or sound/vibrate), sometimes I would just get the banner alert, sometimes i would just get the vibrate, and other times I would just get the audio alert. I have a patch installed to allow me to have virbrate and a ringtone, that may have something to do with it not sure. If you do testing on this part of it, let me know the results.

    Possible Fix:
    Error message when you synchronize a Windows Mobile device with Microsoft Exchange 2003: "Active Sync encountered a problem on the server. Support code: 0x86000108"
    I found that thanks to this blog, which I found when google searching activesync issues with sharepoint alerts:
    SharePoint Alerts—Activesync Synchronization Issues? -- SharePoint Solutions Team Blog

    The blog, and KB article, are specific to Windows mobile. It's important to note that I tested the following devices, with the following results:
    webOS - described above
    Android - does not sync the email at all. Sync operations are never interrupted, the sharepoint alerts flat out don't show up on the phone

    I'll be installing the hotfix this Friday evening during some scheduled downtime and will update this post.

    This was a pain in the *** to track down. I knew it was due to mailbox corrpution, so i gave myself a clean mailbox and cleared/reapplied exchange attributes to my AD account. I got lucky and took a guess at the email and it started working again after deleting it... I never got anywhere with my google searches because I never included Sharepoint Alerts in my search

    Hopefully this will help at least one other person here...
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    once i had a similar issue with one of my imap fav folders that do idle push. unfortunately its too long ago now to recall all details but here is what i still know.

    that folder was all the sudden stopping to sync, others not. even completely removing and reattaching that imap account to the pre didnt change a thing but made me suspicious as it stopped on the very same message as latest syncable.

    i was opening terminal and found that in /var/log/messages there were correlating java exceptions that pointed to some protocol or mime parsing error with one particular email (which i forgot what exactly it was).

    so i killed that message from a thunderbird client (which was syncing fine) and had a happy end. actually it never ever happened again, must have been a really strange singular special trash email.

    so i know that this syncing is done within a java service that simply stopped, logged and was unable to recover the situation or to carry on with non-problematic items.

    but mostly it can be a really good hint to read the webos log file because java stack traces can be very... informative
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    As promised, an update following the hotfix install

    Looks like its working

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